Die Cast Operator Resume Sample

Updated: March 4, 2018


Some decades ago, it was alright to write a Die Cast Operator resume with too much information.

Now, it isn’t. That is because hiring managers just do not have time to go through resumes that offer more than what is required.

Just put in as much information as the following format allows:




Die Cast Operator Resume Example



Mathew Wilde

34 Loring Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 76652
(000) 957-5214


Accomplished Die Cast Operator with over seven years of experience in setting up and operating die casting machines to cast parts, including automobile trims, and carburetors. Effectively able to perform both routine and preventative maintenance on assigned machinery.

Demonstrated expertise in turning valves to a regular flow of water, and blowing metal fragments from die surfaces, by using air hoses, and brushing lubricants over cavities. Deep familiarity with ladling molten metal into chambers by hand, and by use of tools. Well-versed in removing castings after dies open dynamically, using pliers and tongs.


✓ Machine Operations ✓ Preventative Maintenance ✓ Inspections
✓ Troubleshooting ✓ Casting Measurements ✓ Gauges Oversight
✓ Speed Regulation ✓ Trimmings ✓ Changeovers
✓ Cupola Tapping ✓ Cooling Procedures ✓ Plunging

• Simultaneously handled operations for three machines in the absence of two other operators.
• Successfully completed extended work duties, about speed regulation and measurements, within provided timelines.
• Trained 16 die-cast operators in handling work duties, as part of their induction program.
• Held five informational talks on the correct way of handling changeovers, and speed regulation.


Die Cast Operator
Cascade Die Casting, Brooklyn, NY | 6/2010 – Present
• Set up and calibrate assigned die casting machines at the beginning of each shift.
• Follow instruction cards to determine tasks of the day, ensuring that they are timely begun.
• Reset, restart, and perform minor adjustments to production equipment as and when required.
• Observe continuous operations of manual and automatic die casting machines to ensure that they meet set specifications.
• Set up, operate and tend metal casting machines, aiming to cast parts according to standards.
• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on assigned die casting machines.
• Trim excess material from parts, using a variety of tools and equipment.
• Install dies into machines and presses, and coat dies with parting agents.

Die Cast Operator
Briggs and Straton, Brooklyn, NY| 2/2009 – 5/2010
• Assisted operators in setting up die casting machines, ensuring that their valves are appropriately set.
• Provided support in operating die cast machines, and performing minor adjustments to them.
• Packaged and labeled finished products, ensuring that specifications are adhered to.
• Communicated quality maintenance issues to operators, after conducting initial inspections.
• Ascertained that assigned machines were kept cleaned and maintained at all times.

Spring Hill High School, Brooklyn, NY – 2009
High School Diploma