Furnace Operator Resume Sample

Updated January 27, 2019

If you want to apply for this position, you must make sure that your resume possesses the right information.

A furnace operator resume should include the individual’s ability to operate and maintain furnaces.

Typically, you will include experience as a furnace operator, and skills as one.

Experience and skills in operating furnaces, and determining the necessity for alloy additions must be highlighted.

Choosing the right format is also important – your resume should not be unreadable.

To see what goes into a resume for a furnace operator position, have a look at the following sample:



Furnace Operator Resume Sample



Catherine Dante
21 Rock Road, Hot Springs, SD76343
(000) 999-9999


Skilled individual, with extensive experience of operating and maintaining furnaces. Proven ability to prepare furnaces for casting. Well-versed in maintaining casting operations, by stirring, flexing, and skimming the furnace.


Needs Determination Setup and Calibration Work Order Processing
Defects Inspection Parts Preparation Leak Rates Monitoring
Equipment Failure Control Documentation Heat Treat Cycles
Preventative Maintenance Gauge Adjustment Environmental Control

• Implemented a quality control system, increasing the quality of end product by 65%.
• Introduced the concept of machine calibrations, as a result, improved furnace operations.
• Devised a leak monitoring system, resulting in decreased leak incidents.
• Significantly improved furnace operations, by the implementation of preventative maintenance measures.


Furnace Operator
PQ Corporation, Hot Springs, SD | 5/2013 – Present
• Start up and shut down furnaces according to standards.
• Operate furnaces by controlling and adjusting gauges.
• Perform quality control tests on process samples.
• Prepare melt furnace and iron for pouring.
• Prepare molding stands.
• Heat aluminum slabs by operating furnaces properly.
• Start conveyors, and open and close furnace doors.
• Observe and adjust controls.
• Measure product temperatures in order to determine adjustment necessity.
• Weigh and measure ingredients or raw materials.
• Detect standard deviations.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on assigned furnaces.
• Record gauge readings, and test results.
• Test samples of produced items in order to ensure quality metrics.
• Perform minor repairs such as clearing blockages, and mending wires.

Furnace Operator Assistant
Katy Industries, Hot Springs, SD | 2/2009 – 5/2013
• Set up and calibrated assigned furnaces.
• Ensured that the right amount of coal or fuel is fed into furnaces.
• Acquired raw materials such as a metal and steel.
• Oversaw furnace operations in order to ensure continuity.
• Clean and maintain assigned furnaces.

Graduated in 2008
Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, SD

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