Furnace Operator Cover Letter Sample

Updated: January 27, 2019

Furnace operators perform a lot of hard work, the evidence of which needs to go into cover letters.

When applying for this position, it is important that you emphasize your knowledge of setting up and calibrating furnaces.

In your cover letter, make sure that you highlight how exceptional you are at operating furnaces in order to heat aluminum slabs, and fabricated forms.

Ability to start and stop conveyor belts, and adjust heat to maintain temperature should also be highlighted.

When writing your cover letter, make sure that it sounds true. Do not exaggerate your ability to handle complex furnace operations, if you cannot.

Tell the hiring manager that you are capable of feeding and removing materials from furnaces in a safe manner.

Also, provide information on how much you know about preventative and regular maintenance work.

What follows is a cover letter sample for a furnace operator resume:

Furnace Operator Cover Letter Sample

January 27, 2019

Mr. Peter Chaplain
Human Resources Manager
Webster Industries
776 Beach Road
Bella Fourche, SD 10933

Dear Mr. Chaplain:

I am interested in working as a furnace operator at Webster Industries, a role that I am well-versed in doing justice to. Please refer to the enclosed resume for information on my skills and experience in this regard.

Over the past 6 years, I have performed a wide variety of tasks such as operating and maintaining furnaces, following standard procedures. Preparing furnaces for casting are my niche. Also, I am exceptionally talented in maintaining casting operations by stirring, fluxing, and skimming furnaces.

Determining necessity for alloy additions is another area that I am well-versed in. Inspecting equipment in order to ensure quality and efficient operations is also my forte. In addition, I am exceptionally talented in removing products from cast pits, and performing weight checks. Maintaining reliable operations of furnaces, and ensuring that safe working conditions are maintained is also my strong point.

If you are looking for someone to work as a furnace operator, I am sure that I am the best person to hire, owing to not just my experience, by the skills that I have polished as well. Preparing molding sand for production, and operating skid steers and tow motors is another one of my talents.

I will call you soon to see what date and time suit you for a meeting. In the interim, you may contact me at (000) 999-9696. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Kale

Enc: (Resume)

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