Public Information Officer Resume Sample

Updated October 29, 2022
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Position Overview

A public information officer is an individual who may be hired by government agencies or private organizations who want some part of their information to be made public for various reasons.

They play the part of company spokespersons, ensuring that information is properly communicated to the masses and that any questions or queries are responded to in a swift and appropriate manner.

Educational Requirements

Education requirements to work as a public information officer include a bachelor’s degree in communications or a related field.

Skills & Abilities

The ability to effectively develop promotional materials and establish and maintain contact with media and professional and civic organizations is important in this work.

Moreover, it is imperative for people hoping to qualify as public information officers to possess great insight and experience in public relations, technical writing, and digital media, as they will be working extensively in these areas.

Working as a public information officer means that you will be in constant contact with people from diverse backgrounds. To be able to reach out to them, and provide information that will help them, you will need to be articulate, thorough, and clear.

The ability to develop and implement media outreach programs, conduct public meetings, and organize and conduct special events are also prerequisites.

A list of duties particular to this position is given below to help you make a perfect resume:

Public Information Officer Job Description for Resume

• Lead the development of communication risk mitigation plans, which include both communications preparedness and planning.

• Proactively collaborate with internal business unit leaders to ensure that the organization’s messages, programs, and products are in sync.

• Develop, implement and maintain effective social media strategies that continuously keep customers in the loop and enhance the overall customer service experience.

• Develop metrics to evaluate efforts and results within media outreach and social media communications circles.

• Plan and coordinate community relations events, such as open houses, exhibits, press conferences, and recruitment fairs.

• Assist in the preparation of print and electronic promotional materials for community outreach purposes.

• Develop and impart presentations and speeches to promote the message of the organization or program.

• Create, write, edit and publish print and electronic news, social media, and web content including marketing, promotional and educational materials.

• Maintain daily contact and ensure the continual development of working relationships with print and electronic media outlets.

• Respond to requests for information including public records requests from the media and public.

• Develop, implement and maintain public outreach programs and organize and conduct special events such as groundbreaking ceremonies.

Here is a sample resume for the public information officer position.

Public Information Officer Resume Sample

Sylvester Collins
487 Queenspark Road
Little Rock, AR 11208
(000) 253-9151
sylcoll @ email . com


Top-performing Public Information Officer with over 12 years of experience in facilitating communication between government organizations, media, and the general public. Demonstrated ability to ensure that all circulating information aligns with the executive director, and ascertain appropriate delivery of information.

✓ Media Liaison ✓ Request Response
✓ Public News ✓ News Coverage Coordination
✓ Communication Plans ✓ Media Training Coordination
✓ Policy Development ✓ Public Relation Strategies
✓ Research ✓ Public Information Programs
✓ Broadcast Facilitation ✓ Speech Writing


Public Information Officer
United Nations, Little Rock, AR
7/2013 – Present
• Plan and coordinate community relations events including open houses, press conferences, and recruitment fairs
• Give presentations and public speeches to promote the department and its initiatives
• Create, write, edit, publish and maintain the development of a series of print and electronic news
• Recruit and recommend vendors to produce public information and public relations materials
• Develop and maintain a suite of key information and advocacy mediums to promote causes and initiatives
• Provide advice and expertise to key operators on a range of public affairs issues and methods
• Develop and maintain strategic partnerships with key constituencies to elicit support for and maximize the impact of public relations activists
• Evaluate results of communication and outreach activities and report on developments and trends
Selected Accomplishments and Results
• Successfully developed and implemented 6 public information programs simultaneously, earning accolades for the success of all of them
• Brought 12 media agencies on board, successfully meeting established outreach goals

Public Information Assistant
AECOM, Little Rock, AR
2011 – 2013
• Assisted in creating the metrics of core public information systems and programs
• Created and submitted lists of primary media channels and provided insight into reaching out to them
• Managed data collection and reports producing work, along with updating brochures and publications
• Assisted in building information networks and planned and oversaw maintenance of publically accessible information
• Separated public information from sensitive data and ensured that the latter was properly secured
Selected Accomplishments and Results
• Trained 42 interns in 3 years, in handling public information work, according to the government’s rules and procedures
• Wrote a 1-hour-long speech for an executive office bearer, who received great positive feedback due to it being exceptionally well-researched

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations
Little Rock Business School, Little Rock, AR | 2011