8 Sample Objectives for Nursing Student Resume

Updated on: October 17, 2020
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Many student nurses start their resumes with an objective statement or career goal. Resume objectives for nursing students get the attention of the reader and considered as a necessary section in the majority of circumstances.

It is strongly recommended to write a focused objective. Indeed a poorly written objective statement will hurt your candidacy.

Try one of the sample statements below to make the most of your objective statement.

Sample Objectives for Nursing Student Resume

1. To work for XYZ Hospital as a Nursing Student Extern utilizing nursing education and hands-on training to provide primary patient care and maintain clinical competency.

2. A Co-op Nursing-student position with XYZ Healthcare to provide optimal care, comfort, safety, and companionship to patients.

3. Extremely committed to becoming an effective instrument in delivering better health care services through a position of a Nursing Intern at Parkview Medical Center. Devoted to providing comfort and peace to the patients using the best of my abilities.

4. To excel in the field of Nursing through professional nursing care such as assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and documentation of patient care by attaining a Nursing Coop position at Baptist St Anthony’s Health System.

5. Searching for employment as a Graduate Nurse utilizing patient care expertise and ability to execute assigned nursing tasks in an exceptionally versatile manner to improve the reputation of the healthcare facility

6. Searching for a position in the nursing field at XYZ Health Care Center that utilizes qualifications obtained from the medical study in the best possible way. Track record of communicating with staff concerning relevant observations regarding patients’ situations.

7. Interested in obtaining a Nursing Student position. Offers extensive nursing training and familiarity with the functioning of all essential medical tools and terminology.

8. Seeking a Nursing Extern position within ABC Healthcare where a brilliant educational record and ability to provide quality care will help in ensuring patients’ well-being.