Nursing Student Cover Letter Sample and Complete Guidance

Updated on: November 20, 2020

Even though the job of a nursing student is to provide limited nursing care to patients, they are hired following much scrutiny. This is the main reason behind the insistence that cover letters written for a nursing student position must be carefully constructed.

Nursing students must be careful analyzers as they are required to collect and validate patient data on an everyday basis. This quality, if portrayed in a cover letter, can eventually lead to high chances of employment in a hospital. They have to carefully carry out nursing procedures so the portrayal of detailed orientation in a cover letter is also very important.

Since nursing students learn much on the job, they need to have an open mind and the ability to learn concepts through implementation.

Mentioning this in a cover letter is sure to pique a recruiter’s interest and provide you with better chances of employment.

Your cover letter is usually your only chance of reaching out to a prospective employer so it is best to play the game safely. Make sure your qualifications and skills are mentioned properly in your cover letter.

To write a nursing student cover letter sample for Nursing Student Resume, you can refer to the following sample:

Nursing Student Cover Letter Example

Tina Weston
(000) 541-9532
[email protected]

June 17, 2020

Jillian Peach
Nurse Manager
John Hopkins Hospital
45 Dakar Road
Petersburg, VA 83937

Dear Ms. Peach:

Having recently graduated from John Hopkins University, my enthusiasm and desire to work as a nurse at John Hopkins Hospital is deep and authentic. I graduated in the top 10% if my class and received numerous commendations for my work during mock nursing sessions. I believe that I am now well prepared to work as a student nurse in your hospital.

My expertise in identifying and applying nursing concepts and principals to meet the needs of patients has enabled me to lead a wide range of nursing practices. This along with my ability to safely carry out nursing care in a therapeutic manner has made me confident that I can thrive in any environment where there is a constant need for compassion and healthcare provision. As an individual, I am passionate about healthcare and possess the ability to convey care and respect to patients and their families.

These abilities are sure to facilitate a short learning curve and save hospital time in training me. In anticipation that you will have questions for me, I will contact you next week to answer them and to schedule a time when we can have an extended conversation.

Thank you for taking out the time to review my application.


Tina Weston

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