Nursing Student Resume with No Experience (2 Samples for 2023)

Updated on: December 25, 2022

Nursing student resume writing, when you have no experience in hand, can be easier to do, contrary to what you might be thinking. And why is that so?

Because you do not have to write information to fill up too much space. There is no obligation to write too much content – you have to write a little quality content.

A resume without the benefit of experience can be a joy to read. It is actually your skills, competencies, and academic achievements (if any) that will pique an employer’s interest.

If you have held any volunteer positions or summer jobs, they will tell the employer what type of person you are. So you are basically in a win-win situation.

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Just to give you a head-start, take a look at the following resume sample for a nursing student who has no experience in hand.

Nursing Student Resume with No Experience (Sample 1)

Venessa Miles
209 Bill Street, Athens, GA72634
(000) 121-5415

Dedicated Nursing Student, with extensive insight into providing one on one care to patients. Skilled in maintaining, promoting, and restoring patients’ health in accordance with their care plans. Patient-focused, with polished communication and interpersonal abilities. Energetic and hardworking, with a strong sense of learning and self-development.

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
Georgia State University, Athens, GA
Expected Completion: August 2023

• Human Development and Family Studies
• Principles of Nutrition
• Elementary Microbiology
• Health Assessment
• Pathophysiology
• Therapeutic Nursing Care for Older Adults
• Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents
Academic Achievements
• Coined Best Student of the Year, for consistently making it to the top of the class
• Stayed on the Honor Roll for 3 years, owing to the exceptional academic record


Nursing Intern
Athens Nursing College, Athens, GA
8/2022– 12/2022
• Checked patients charts in order to determine care strategy
• Provided person care assistance such as help with toileting, bathing, and grooming
• Checked and recorded vitals including blood pressure, temperature, and pulse
• Administered medication orally and intravenously
• Monitored patients’ conditions and provided assistance when necessary
• Responded to emergency situations by performing CPR
• Assessed patients’ health on a daily basis, and updated charts
• Assisted with special tests and procedures, and ensured consent receipt
• Created and maintained a clean, sanitized, and healthy environment for all patients
• Take blood and urine samples, and ensured that they were timely sent to the lab
• Followed up on lab results

• Direct Patient Care • Vitals Management
• Medicine Administration • Charts Monitoring
• Emergency Response • Personal Care
• Patient Education • Discharge Planning

• Worked as a volunteer at Delta Hospice for 3 years between 2010 and 2013
• Led a team of specially-abled rugby players aged 5 to 12 through 3 championships, in a volunteer capacity

Nursing Student Resume with No Experience (Sample 2)

Ruth Randle
667 Shasta Drive
Danville, IL 73825 
(000) 999-9999
ruthrandle @ email . com

A fresh and enthusiastic nursing graduate, capable of providing professional nursing care to promote, attain, maintain, and restore patients’ health in multiple healthcare settings.


  1. Demonstrated ability to assess patients, check incisions and observe conditions
  2. Well versed in preparing, distributing and administering medications
  3. Hands-on experience in handling patients’ personal needs such as bathing, toileting, and washing
  4. Familiar with orienting new patients to assigned units and educating families about treatment options

Associate of Science in Nursing
St. Cooper’s Nursing School, Danville, IL
Expected Completion Date: Dec 2023

Certified Nursing Assistant – State of Illinois
CPR – American Red Cross


Nursing Extern
Palmetto Health, Danville, IL
6/2022 – 8/2022

  1. Assisted in assessing patients to determine their conditions
  2. Took and recorded patients’ vitals such as pulse, blood pressure, and temperature
  3. Provided support to patients in bathing, washing, toileting, and dressing
  4. Changed bedsheets and turned patients to ensure that bedsores do not form
  5. Understood and followed plans of treatment by administering medication
  6. Educated patients and their families about medical procedures and outcomes
  7. Observed patients for signs of distress or changes in condition and alerted registered nurse or doctor on duty immediately

Nursing interventions | Emergency care
Response deviation | Bedside patient care
Physical assessment | Diagnostic equipment
Infection control | Diagnostics & Documentation

Excellent Professional References Available

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