Operating Room Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: August 8, 2021

There is always a huge debate about how to build an effective resume for the operating room technician position.

After all, this document gets them through the arduous job application procedure.

It is best to build a resume that speaks about your special attributes in relation to the needs of a specific employer.

When you do this, you will be considered as an individual who has truly mastered the art of resume writing.

Here is an example:

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Operating Room Technician Resume Sample

Melissa Mathew
89 Central Avenue, Rochester, NH 09283
(000) 141-5411
melmath @ email . com


Results-oriented Operating Room Technician with 7+ years of vast experience in maintaining operating rooms, cleaning and disinfecting surgical instruments, and assembling and preparing surgical equipment. An exceptionally dependable individual who effectively assists surgical teams by passing instruments and sponges particular to each operation. First-hand experience of adjusting lights and surgical equipment to ensure smooth surgical operations. Exceptional talent for identifying all medications within the operating room before passing them on to members of the surgical team.

• Premises Sterilization
• Equipment Operation
• Room Turnover
• Supplies Management
• Room Integration
• Patient Education
• Instruments Handling
• Waste Disposal


Operating Room Technician
Barnabas Health, Rochester, NH
(11/2013 to Present)
• Introduce an efficient surgical waste procedure that decreased the chances of in-hospital diseases by 85%.
• Implement operating room SOPs to increase room preparation efficiency by 50%.
• Comprehend the type and intensity of surgery for each case and prepare operating rooms accordingly.
• Ensure that the operating room is cleaned and sterilized on a constant basis.
• Clean and sterilize surgical instruments and equipment according to set standards of cleanliness and sanitization.
• Ascertain that operating tables are properly set up prior to each surgical case.
• Provide patients with information on what to expect before and after surgical procedures.

Operating Room Technician
City Hospital, Rochester, NH
(5/2010 to 11/2013)
• Overhauled the operation room operations by providing dedicated assistance to the implementation of surgical robots systems.
• Wrote a short handbook of SOPs regarding operation room procedures, used as part of the surgical team training program.
• Prepared patients by washing and shaving.
• Sterilized operative areas.
• Handed over instruments to surgeons as and when they ask for them.
• Assisted in preparation of laboratory specimens for analysis purposes.
• Operated surgery-related equipment such as lights and suction machines.
• Assisted in operating diagnostic equipment.
• Prepared operating rooms by following strict standards of cleaning and sanitation.
• Sterilized surgical equipment and instruments according to specific instructions provided.
• Assisted in cleaning up spills and handling surgical waste management duties.
• Provided assistance during surgical procedures by locating and handing instruments.
• Ensured the overall cleanliness and sterilization of the operating room.
• Handled inventory of supplies related to surgeries, including sponges and scrubs.

National Certification as Operating Room Technician
Surgical Technician College, Rochester, NH – 2009

High School Diploma
St. Adam’s High School, NH – 2007

“I enjoy working in a team environment”