Obstetric Nurse Resume Sample

Updated on: May 14, 2019

If applying for an obstetric nurse is on the cards for you, it is important that you create a resume to impress.

An impressive resume will ensure that you get to the interview stage.


In your resume, highlighting your knowledge of working in a maternity capacity must be highlighted.

Also, you must ensure that your resume speaks volumes about your skills in performing patient care.

As an obstetric nurse, your resume must be impressive, since competition will be tough.

Here is a sample that you can use to create an impressive resume for an obstetric nurse position:



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Obstetric Nurse Resume Sample



Monica Paolo
38 Providence Road, Richmond, VA37941
(000) 754-5454
[email protected]


Highly experienced obstetric nurse, with 8+ years of solid track record. Well-versed in providing physical, and emotional support to prospective mothers. Demonstrated expertise in assisting doctors in handling prepping work, and managing equipment set up within a labor room setup.


Patient Intake
IV Management
Medication Administration
Labor Coaching
OR Assistance
Exam Assistance
Patient Education
Supportive Nursing Care
Emergency Management
Vital Signs Assessment
Post-natal Care


  • Devised a patient education system, considered 75% more efficient than the one already in place.
  • Implemented an IV management system, as a result, decreased problems associated with double pricks.
  • Introduced a labor coaching program, hence, played an important part in putting prospective mothers at ease.
  • Trained 35 newly hired obstetric nurses, as part of their induction program.


Obstetric Nurse
Well Path, Richmond, VA | 11/2011 – Present

  • Greet patients as they arrive at the maternity section of the hospital.
  • Perform intake tasks in order to acquire initial patient information.
  • Provide doctors with information on patients’ conditions.
  • Start IVs and administer medication.
  • Provide education to patients so as to make them comfortable with their situations.
  • Take and record vital signs, and inform doctors about abnormal readings.
  • Prepare for and carry out gynecological tests, such as ultrasounds and bloodwork.
  • Perform uterine massages, and monitor contractions.
  • Check and record the fetal heartbeat.
  • Educate patients on proper nutrition and care, post birth.
  • Create and maintain patient charts as instructed.

Student Nurse
St. Phillip’s Hospital, Richmond, VA | 7/2009 – 11/2011

  • Recorded patients’ vitals in their charts.
  • Assisted patients with personal tasks such as bathing and grooming.
  • Updated patients’ charts.
  • Administered medication according to schedule.
  • Monitored patients in order to ensure their safety and wellbeing.


Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
Richmond Nursing School, Richmond, VA

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