Nurse Practitioner Skills for Resume

Updated on December 26, 2015

“What are your skills for the nurse practitioner job?” This is a common question asked at interviews. And this is one question that almost all of us get stuck on. How does one answer this? My skills are within me and can only be shown. How do I talk about them? But skills are not only delved into at the interview stage. They are concentrated on when you write your resume as well. In fact, writing your skills in a resume first will provide you with a greater understanding of your capabilities, so that you can talk about them at the interview as well.

There should always be a dedicated skills section in your resume. It does not matter what job you are applying for or at what point in your career. Even if you are applying for a first job, how skilled you are will matter tremendously. Of course, for a position that requires experience, skills will definitely be the driving force. Whether you are a carpenter or a nurse, the importance of skills cannot be undermined. How well you perform the job that you will be entrusted with and how good you are at learning new things, are two very important pieces of information for prospective employers.

The way your resume displays information of your skills is equally important. List your skills in this manner and you can wait for the rejection letter to arrive:

• Active listener
• Good communicator
• Multitasker
• Keen observer

Do you see what is wrong with these? They are mere words that say nothing about your abilities. Use something more than describing words. List your skills like this:

Sample Skills for Nurse Practitioner Resume

• Highly skilled in diagnosing, treating and assisting patients in managing acute and chronic illnesses
• Hands-on experience in conducting detailed physical examinations and interpreting medical histories to determine medication routes
• Adept at prescribing age-specific physical therapy and rehabilitation services, with exceptional focus on efficacy of treatment
• Proficient in providing prenatal care, family planning services and screening services aiming at effective development of treatment plans
• Qualified to assist in the performing surgeries and medical procedures as part of a surgical team
• Unmatched ability to counsel and educate patients about preventative measures to avoid diseases and illnesses
• Highly skilled in monitoring the effectiveness of interventions and performing modifications to ensure efficacy
• Proven record of creating and implementing dedicated patient care plans according to their specific health requirements
• Demonstrated expertise in facilitating patient transition within and between healthcare settings including admitting, transferring and discharging procedures

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