Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

Updated on: July 1, 2021

Nurse practitioner resume writing is a simple task. You provide just enough information to get the reader wanting more. But the information that you provide needs to be enticing enough to warrant a read.

If you can successfully do this, you can easily take the next step – on to the interview stage.

Creating a resume for a nurse practitioner position is a huge endeavor that requires both tact and exceptional communication skills.

Deciding what to put in a resume is the hardest part. If you stick to your contact information, a summary, lists of skills and accomplishments, and mention of work experience, you do not need much more.

A resume sample for a nurse practitioner follows:

Nurse Practitioner Resume Example

Martha Holmes
52 Kyler Street, Anchorage, AK 03652 
(000) 414-8565 
mholmes @ email . com


15+ years’ experience in performing comprehensive and focused physical examinations and diagnosis, with an aim to create and implement core treatment plans. Well-versed in assisting psychiatrists and psychologists in reviewing patients’ conditions and determining correct treatment options.

• Competent in interviewing patients to determine the root causes of complaints and deciding on which medication route to take.
• Demonstrated expertise in screening patients for physical and psychiatric illnesses along with determining developmental issues and genetic disorders.
• Unmatched ability to provide a range of physical and emotional therapies to patients and monitor results.
• Qualified to prescribe medication and ensure that any course of treatment that lacks efficacy is altered as required.


Nurse Practitioner
(8/2017 – Present)

• Interview patients to determine their illnesses and diseases and take correlating notes.
• Develop and implement core treatment plans for both chronic and acute diseases.
• Conduct physical examinations and order tests to decipher the extent of disease.
• Perform screening evaluations and ensure that each developed treatment plan is in sync with them.
• Emphasize the importance of preventative care through preventative health assessments, with a view to reducing hospitalizations.
• Prescribe medicines according to each patient’s individual healthcare plan.
• Provide education to patients and their families in order to make them understand the disease, prognosis, and home health care.
• Monitor the ongoing therapy of patients and decide if any amendments or interventions are required.
• Screen patients for the presence of chronic illnesses such as SLE and MS and determine associated risks.
• Provide guidance and education to student nurses, LVNs, and RNs.

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced the concept of preventative health assessments for women at risk of cancer, which significantly reduced inpatient treatment for breast cancer.
• Developed and implemented educational programs for student nurses as part of a rigorous training program.

Registered Nurse
(1/2010 – 8/2017)

• Assessed patients to determine the type and severity of the disease.
• Conferred with nurse managers and practitioners to determine the course of action for each patient.
• Administer medication and IVs according to set patient plans.
• Take and record vital information such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature on a regular basis.
• Provide emergency intervention such as First Aid and CPR in the event of emergencies such as accidents and strokes.

Key Accomplishments
• Participated in a clinical research program that proved to be a breakthrough in reversing the onset of Parkinson’s Disease.
• Saved the life of a premature baby by providing her with nurturing care throughout the first crucial 48 hours of her life.

Registered Nurse State of Alaska – 2009

Master of Science in Nursing
THE NURSING SCHOOL, Anchorage, AK – 2009

• Caseload Management
• Medication Administration
• Interventions Initiation
• Diagnostic Assessments
• Medical Care Continuity
• Research Projects
• Patent/family Counseling
• Therapeutic Procedures