Top 20 Objectives for Nurse Practitioner Resume

Updated on: October 28, 2021

An objective is a short paragraph at the beginning of your resume, which holds information on your most important professional skills.

It also highlights why you are seeking employment, and what you intend to contribute to the organization.

By adding a resume objective, a candidate stands out amongst the others, which eventually leads to the hiring manager deciding to call you in for an interview.

Importance of a Resume Objective Statement

Many people suggest that resume objectives are not important anymore.

However, writing one gets you several steps closer to your goal, which is to meet the hiring manager in person.

There are several situations in which you can write a resume objective including the following:

  1. Less experience
  2. Career change
  3. Move to a new geographical area
  4. Federal resume
How to Write a Great Nurse Practitioner Resume Objective Statement?

Writing a nurse practitioner resume objective will require you to understand what the prospective employer is looking for.

Typically, your resume objective should state that you possess the capability to provide total onsite nursing care to patients.

Mention your desire to contribute to the work in terms of patient wellness and interactions.

An objective statement is a two-part sentence. One part expresses your interest in the specific field, company, or position, and the other part states what you have to offer.

Best 22 Nurse Practitioner Resume Objective Examples

Nurse Practitioner With Experience Objectives

1. Seasoned Nurse Practitioner with 7+ years of experience providing focused care, looking for a position at Erickson Living. Focused on helping patients meet their specific goals independently to help them meet their wellness goals quickly.

2. To work as a Nurse Practitioner for ABC Healthcare. Poised to help the facility achieve its targets by leveraging my 5+ years of primary and specialty healthcare experience and provision of high-end health assessments. Completely focused on patient health and wellbeing.

3. Looking for a Nurse Practitioner position at Advanced Nursing Services. Bringing expertise in conducting examinations, diagnostic testing interpretation, and medication administration to help the facility meet its patient care goals.

4. Compassionate Nurse Practitioner, skilled in performing initial patient screenings, and helping patients stick to their specific care plans. Interested in securing a position at St. Vincent’s Hospital to deliver quality care while maintaining facility metrics pertaining to wellness.

5. Experienced Nurse Practitioner, with a strong background in providing high-quality patient care, seeking a position at Tribal Health Consortium. Enthusiastic to deliver excellence in patient care services, with a complete focus on healthcare elevation.

6. Accomplished Nurse Practitioner with 8+ years of experience in fast-paced medical facilities, looking for employment at Polly’s Clinic. Offering knowledge of a wide range of psychological, cognitive, and developmental disorders, with the aim of providing first-class patient care services.

7. Diligent and resourceful Nurse Practitioner, boasting 12 years of experience in providing diagnostic, therapeutic, and assessment services to patients, interested in working for Inspira Health Network to help the facility meet its specific patient handling objectives.

8. Senior Nurse Practitioner, seeking to join Wembley Healthcare Facility, leveraging strong patient assistance skills, gained through 15+ years of experience in the field.

9. Dedicated Nurse Practitioner, with proven leadership qualities earned during 5 years of patient care experience. Currently looking for a position at La Red Health Center, offering follow-through skills, along with the ability to initiate changes to improve patient care.

10. Detail-oriented and compassionate Nurse Practitioner position eager to contribute to ABC Healthcare by providing primary and episodic care to patients in collaboration with other health professionals. Aiming to become a solid part of the organization through the delivery of care in correlation with rules and protocols.

11. Seeking a position as a Nurse Practitioner at Mercy Hospital. Employing exceptional skills in managing patients’ health while coordinating health care for all assigned patients. Deeply familiar with ordering and interpreting diagnostic and therapeutic tests, relative to patient’s age-specific needs.

12. To work as a Nurse Practitioner for Hill View Health Center. Offering exceptional talents in collecting and analyzing patient information, performing examinations, diagnosing conditions, and diseases, and recommending and implementing required treatments.

13. To obtain a position as a Nurse Practitioner at St Paul’s Hospital. Leveraging expertise in maintaining patient relationships, handling health analysis, and providing treatment to ensure the overall wellbeing of patients.

14. Seeking a nurse practitioner position at Lakeridge Health. Offering expertise in implementing treatment plans, and monitoring patient progress to provide top bedside care to residents and patients.

15. To work for Gold Field Hospital as a nurse practitioner. Bringing 11+ years of relevant experience intending to contribute massively to enhance the nursing services and patient satisfaction at the hospital.

Entry Level Nurse Practitioner Resume Objectives

16. Seeking a Nurse Practitioner post at 24/7 Care, with the objective of contributing to patient care goals, eventually helping the facility perform top patient care in a continuous manner.

17. To secure a challenging Nurse Practitioner position at Henry’s Health Center to contribute through the implementation of excellent patient care plans.

18. To make use of my patient care skills in a Nurse Practitioner role at Great Care Center, aiming to achieve the professional goals of providing high-end care. Absolutely focused on patient satisfaction and repeated trust in the facility.

19. Highly motivated, patient-centric individual, looking to fill a Nurse Practitioner position at High Bridge Care Services. Wishing to use strong patient care skills to help the facility with the upcoming and existing challenges.

20. To obtain employment as a Nurse Practitioner at Grey’s Healthcare, where I can add to my knowledge of the patient care process while providing excellence in patient care delivery.


The main idea of writing a nurse practitioner resume objective is to attract the hiring manager to read the rest of your resume in detail.

Thus, it should be highly comprehensive, with information to suggest that you can create and implement patient-centric care plans.

Using the right words and expressions in your objective is important to make the hiring manager sit up and take notice.

One of the main reasons that all of the above resume objective statements will be highly appreciated by hiring managers is because they show that the candidate has a lot to offer, and is actually stating how much he or she will contribute.