Neurology Nurse Resume Sample

Updated on: February 18, 2018

In order to write a good resume for neurology nurse position, you need to put maximum time and effort.

The main reason a recruiter might disregard your resume is if you have not done any homework, as it will show in the resume.

The following sample resume will help you write a good resume:





Sample Resume for Neurology Nurse





Dana Bullock

40 Loop Lane, Baltimore, MD85002
(000) 875-5241
dana.bull @ email . com


Exceptionally skilled registered nurse, with 16 years’ vast experience working in a neurology setting.Thoroughly assesses patients’ neurological conditions, and provides them with well-placed nursing care. Competent in evaluating patients’ symptoms, and placing them in context of disease or injury. Creates and implements core patient care plans, according to the specifics of each patient.


Patient Evaluation Emergency Response Personal Care
Devices Use Disease Management Diagnosis
Records Management Patient Evaluation Counseling
Vital Signs Tracking Patient Comfort Assurance Programs Initiation

• Successfully diagnosed a patient with MG, who was left misdiagnosed for over 13 years.
• Implemented a patient evaluation system, which proved to be 55% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Led a series of neurology workshops, as part of a nursing training program.
• Saved a patient from possible loss of motion, by recognizing early signs of a stroke, and taking immediate action.


Neurology Nurse
Clinical Management Services, Baltimore, MD | 2008 – Present
• Assess assigned patients to determine their specific neurological problems and diseases.
• Look through patients’ charts to determine past diagnosis, and provided treatment.
• Assist in the development and implementation of core neurology plans and programs.
• Ascertain that all care plans are created and implemented to meet the individual needs of each patient.
• Provide patients with information on how to handle medication when discharged from the clinic or hospital.
• Monitor and track patients vital signs, and ensure that they are properly recorded in their charts.
• Track spinal cord functions, and brain activities, by using a wide variety of devices and equipment.
• Provide emergency services to patients in cases of strokes, ensuring patient comfort and wellbeing.

Registered Nurse
Provident Health, Baltimore, MD | 2002 – 2008
• Evaluated the health statuses of assigned patients, by looking through their charts.
• Took and recorded vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.
• Administered medication to patients by mouth, and through IVs.
• Monitored patients’ conditions on a constant basis, and intervened during instances of emergencies.
• Assisted patients with personal care activities such as toileting, grooming, and feeding.

Baltimore Medical College, Baltimore, MD – 2000
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Maryland State Certified Registered Nurse