Mental Health Nurse Resume Sample

Updated on: September 4, 2020

The key to getting your foot in the door as a Mental Health Nurse is building the targeted resume. While no Mental Health Nurse resume can be considered as perfect, the customized resume will get you noticed.

Whether you are an experienced RN or just out of school, you need a resume that persuades employers to invite you in an interview. Here is a sample Mental Health Nurse resume to help you with writing your resume.

Sample Resume for Mental Health Nurse

68999 South Equator Crest, Gurnee, IL 76588
(000) 888-767

**Mental Health Nurse**

• Considerate and empathetic Mental Health Nurse with more than a decade of professional experience in providing age-appropriate care for acute and crisis stabilization.
• Planned and implemented professional nursing care for patients following hospital policies and regulations.
• Independently performed job functions, and executed nursing processes based on expanded knowledge and experience.
• Coordinated and provided safe patient care with an understanding and awareness of age-appropriate and culturally aware needs.
• Tolerantly responded to patients’ messages and queries related to psychotropic medication problems, routine reports, concerns about mood or behavior, or other urgent issues that fall within the nursing scope.
• Considerable knowledge of modern psychiatric nursing theories, principles, practices, procedures as well as problems of mental illness and its treatment theories and techniques.


  • Individual counseling
  • Family conferences
  • Medications Administration
  • Documentation
  • Functional supervision
  • Development of program policies
  • Records maintenance
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mental Health Assessment


Mental Health Nurse
Correctional Healthcare Companies – Atlanta, GA
2017 – 2020
• Administered oral and injectable medications
• Oversaw the dispensing of oral and topical medications and treatments
• Kept accurate written records of patients care provided; including nursing assessments, treatment plans, progress notes, medications administered, and discharge planning
• Educated patients and their family members about the patient’s illness, including medications and daily living skills
• Observed and assessed changes and trends in the physical or mental condition of the patient
• Planned and implemented therapeutic interventions and evaluated response to such interventions
• Conducted and evaluated classes and psycho-educational groups for patients, nursing or therapy staff

Psych Health Nurse
Health Partners, Augusta, GA 
2013 – 2017
• Coordinated and taught mental health care programs to meet the needs of staff, patients, caregivers, and the community
• Developed and revised plans of care for the mental health patients and family units
• Coordinated patient care with other staff members and physicians
• Provided patient intervention in the home setting using current psychiatric nursing practices
• Respected the patient’s privacy and maintained confidentiality

Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)
College of Medicines – Alpharetta, GA 

Mental Health Nurse Job Description

The position of Mental Health Nurse is responsible for the administration of medications and treatments, reviewing test results, and communicating with physicians and other healthcare team members to ensure the highest quality patient care.

In addition, s/he is also required to evaluate the care and treatments the patient is receiving to determine if the patient is achieving the expected outcomes or not.

A Mental Health Care professional should be well experienced in preparing patient’s assessment, planning of care and most importantly intervening as a patient’s condition changes.