Mental Health Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 28, 2022

Mental health nurses or psychiatric nurses are registered nurses who are required to assist patients with personality disorders.

They work in hospitals that cater to patients with mental health issues or in psychiatric wards of general hospitals. They are specialized in this field of nursing specifically and are expected to upgrade their skills and knowledge constantly.

Mental health nurses are expected to perform many duties such as administering medication and managing patients in a manner that ensures personal hygiene and following their medical routines appropriately.

At times, they have to counsel patients to calm them down, especially during mental flares.

Cover letters for healthcare positions require a little more effort to write than those for others because the jobs are usually challenging and sensitive.

This is especially true of positions that cater to mental health like a mental health nurse.

The cover letter sample below can be used for applying for a Mental Health Nurse Resume. You can tailor it according to your specific needs.

Sample Cover Letter for Mental Health Nurse Position

Sandra Poland, RN
569 Cove Street
Hot Springs, SD 90582
(000) 333-1111

March 28, 2022

Mr. Adam Hook
Manager HR
Mc Kean Mental Health Hospital
4562 Crook Street
Hot Springs, SD 56000

Dear Mr. Hook:

When I decided to specialize in mental health nursing, I aimed to provide patients with acute mental and mood disorders with some semblance of normalcy, and it is with this mission in mind that I am applying for the position of Mental Health Nurse at Mc Kean Mental Health Hospital.

If managed appropriately, mental health problems can be controlled, and the quality of life of the patient can be improved considerably. This is what I have been taught, and this is what I believe in.

Understandably, the road to mental health stability is long and extremely challenging. As a mental health nurse, I have been trained to make it as easy as possible for the patients by assisting them with everyday issues and providing them with counseling support. During my experiences, I developed a specialty to watch out for possible side effects and evaluate patients following their specific conditions.

My knowledge of crisis intervention is highly sharpened as I have had to deal with many critical and often disagreeable cases over the seven years that I have worked as a nurse. Developing and implementing patient-ready care plans is my other area of expertise as I am well-versed in researching each aspect of a patient’s history and managing individual plans in accordance with the information that I derive from their files.

This work is a great pleasure for me because helping patients to achieve mental stability is the most beautiful gift a healthcare professional can give to a patient. I am enclosing my resume and relevant credentials with this letter for your perusal.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sandra Poland, RN

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