Commercial Cleaner Cover Letter Sample and Guidance

Updated on: September 2, 2022

Communicating your interest to work as a Commercial cleaner through the cover letter is important if you want an interview.

A short reference to your resume, a hint of accomplishments, and a focus on skills and qualifications will help you gain the hiring manager’s favor.

Since qualifications and skills cover a large part of your cleaner cover letter, it is important to focus on writing ones that do justice to your role as one.

To see how you can write a cover letter for a Commercial cleaner position, take a look at the following sample:

Commercial Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Erin Wright
(000) 664-2974
[email protected]

September 22, 2022

Mr. Chuck Harris
Human Resources Manager
Great Info Corporation
46 2nd Height
El Paso, TX 91375

Dear Mr. Harris:

As an experienced Commercial Cleaner, I was very excited to know that Great Info Corporation is looking for someone to fill this role. I would like to be considered for employment in your organization, with the goal of contributing highly, and immediately.

In my 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry, I have successfully managed many cleaning and sanitizing projects. My strong understanding of performing duties such as sweeping and mopping floors, and dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures makes me an excellent contender for this position. My references say that I am a conscientious individual, who routinely follows provided instructions.

Particularly, my qualifications include:

  • Cleaning commercial buildings, businesses, and office locations
  • Maintaining and sanitizing bathrooms, and ensuring that they remain fully equipped
  • Performing well-placed trash management and recycling services
  • Overseeing and managing cleaning supplies and equipment inventory

The depth of my experience in commercial cleaning, coupled with continuous training, offers you the prospect of hiring a high-performing and trustworthy individual, who can produce the results that you seek. I would love to further elaborate on this by providing you with in-person insight into my expertise as a commercial cleaner.

Thank you for taking out the time to read and consider my application. I look forward to meeting with you in person soon.


Erin Wright

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