Critical Care Nurse Resume Example

Updated on: September 25, 2018

A critical care nurse is a highly professional individual who cares for patients who are very ill, sometimes terminally so. He or she is a registered nurse who works with patients whose illnesses are unstable hence an ordinary nurse wouldn’t be able to handle them. Resumes built especially for this position need to be carefully written as they need to possess relevant information regarding a nurse’s ability to carry out the tasks it dictates.

Job Scope

There are different environments that a critical care nurse can work in, such as emergency rooms and intensive care units at hospitals. As a critical care nurse, you will have to communicate directly and professionally with doctors, giving them excellent backup and support as far as the patient’s illness and its symptoms are concerned.

You also need to respond quickly and effectively to sudden changes in the patient’s symptoms, as this can mean the difference between life and death for him or her. Be prepared for strenuous physical work. You may have to stand for long periods of time and may also have to walk long distances, so you’ll have to be very fit!


Critical Care Nurse


If you work in a hospital or a clinic, you may also be asked to participate in and/or supervise performance improvement opportunities and events. The following resume example will help you when writing a cover letter for the Critical Care Nurse position.


Critical Care Nurse Resume Example


Harry Henderson
456 Hemmingway Avenue | Providence, RI 32111 | (999) 999-9999 | Email


Compassionate and energetic Registered Nurse with 8+ years’ medical and surgery experience. Completed critical care residency program successfully. Current Rhode Island license and registration as an EMS.

• Track record of calmly handling emergencies in an intensive care unit setting
• Hands-on experience in assessing patients’ condition and devising and implementing appropriate care plans
• Well-versed in assisting physicians and doctors in carrying out critical care procedures
• Known for responding to life-saving situations by using preset nursing standards and protocols

• Health history obtainment • Physical examination
• Care plan formulation • Patient/family education
• Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions • Clinical research
• Organizational development • Teamwork

• Streamlined critical care unit’s emergency procedures by managing educational workshops for team members
• Saved the life of an accident victim by providing on time and appropriate emergency services
• Revamped patient records system by converting paperwork into meaningful electronic information
• Presented a conference on Ethical Nursing Practices at the Medicare Fair in 2010


Critical Care Nurse
Family Health Hospital, Providence, RI | 2014 – Present
• Assess patients’ conditions and provided dedicated patient care
• Devise and implement individualized patient care plans
• Observe patients’ vitals and provide feedback to healthcare professionals regarding observations
• Ensure all diagnostic tests are carried out appropriately
• Act as a patient advocate and provide appropriate support family members
• Respond to emergency situations in a proactive manner
• Evaluate diagnostic test results
• Take samples for lab findings and order prescribed medication

Registered Nurse
Soliant Health, Providence, RI | 2010 – 2014
• Provided direct patient care to patients from different backgrounds
• Assisted doctors in implementing care plans
• Took and recorded patient vitals on a constant basis
• Administered medication and managed IVs
• Provided care education to patients and families
• Monitored and observed patients’ conditions
• Managed patients’ records and files

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Rhode Island State University, Providence, RI | 2009

Registered Nurse
State of Rhode Island | 2010