A letter that conveys interest in a possible job opening is known as an expression of interest letter. If you are looking for a sample of this type of letter for nursing job, you are on the right place.

Let us take the example of a nurse writing an Expression of Interest Letter. Specific information about nursing skills including medical knowledge and the ability to look after patients will need to be articulated.


Expression of Interest for Nursing Job – Sample


534 Painter Avenue
West Haven, CT 52423

January 66, 2014

Mr. Kevin Costner
Nursing Administrator
Family Health Services
6534 Coslin Road
West Haven, CT 66353


Dear Mr. Costner:

This letter is an expression of a strong interest in the position of a Registered Nurse that is currently available at Family Health Services. I will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing by the end of this month and will be taking the licensure exam for NCLEX-RN in a week’s time from my graduation.

I have a special interest in diabetes care and would like to pursue my career in this field. Having performed volunteer duties at the Samaritan Hospital, I am comfortable with most patient care duties. I am confident that my education and relevant experience is sufficient to provide outstanding patient care and support the hospital’s mission effectively. My greatest strength is my ability to work well in a team environment and on a rotating shift. My proficiency in medical terminology and a great passion to provide personal and medical care to patients will go a long way to contribute to the Family Health Services’ efficiency.

Based on my perfect ability in providing care to patients of different age groups, I am confident that I am a strong applicant for this RN position. I’d like to meet you in order to discuss this position in detail. I’ll contact you later this week to follow up on my application and will be available at (001) 141-1781 if you need to reach me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Florence David

Enc. Resume