Maintenance Mechanic Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 17, 2017

The good news is that there are many ways of acing an interview. And you pretty much have most of it in control.

The bad news is that you might not be aware of all the ways in which an interview can be aced.

Not to worry.

Interviews are designed to bring a candidate’s inner professional out. You just have to let go.

To see what type of questions you may be asked at the interview for a maintenance mechanic position, refer to the set below:



Maintenance Mechanic Interview Questions and Answers

What induced you to take up work as a maintenance mechanic?
I have always been intrigued by maintenance work. Even as a child, I was quite into the whole thing about machines and equipment and what makes them tick. As I grew up, I realized that there was so much more that was intriguing about this work, which is why I decided to train as a maintenance mechanic.

What type of duties have you been responsible for in the role of a maintenance mechanic?
Performing detailed inspections of buildings, structures, equipment and machinery, performing both preventative and regular maintenance on them, ensuring that all HVAC systems remain intact and in good working order, and ascertaining that system downtime is minimized have all been part of my work as a maintenance mechanic.

What skills do you boast of that make you an excellent contender to work as a maintenance mechanic?
I am an insightful individual, who has a great ability to determine system and structural issues and provide solid feedback and assistance to handling them immediately. Also, I am physically dexterous which means that I can handle even the most difficult of tasks with great ease. In addition to this, I have thorough knowledge of using tools of the trade, and ensure minimum downtime so that work processes are not compromised.

What is your take on work safety?
I take safety at work very seriously and make sure that safety attire is donned, and safety measures are put into place when working at sites.

Have you ever been part of a hazardous situation at work?
Nothing major has ever transpired on any worksite that I have been working on, as I take security measures quite seriously.

What are your 3 year career plans?
Within the next 3 years, I hope to be heading a team of maintenance mechanics, in the role of a maintenance supervisor.