Baby Nurse Resume Sample

Updated on: May 16, 2019

A baby nurse’s resume has to be convincing to be able to gain a prospective employer’s attention.

If you are applying directly, you will need to write one that tells a hiring manager that your skills cannot be matched.


In fact, all areas of the resume should focus on your professionalism as a baby nurse.

Specifically, your resume should highlight your knowledge of the work, especially handling babies’ emotional and physical wellbeing.

Here is a resume that does just this:


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Baby Nurse Resume Sample


Salina Robins
620 6th Street, Madison, WI54700
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


Experienced and competent baby nurse, with exceptional skills in providing babies and infants with physical and emotional care. Highly talented in determining each baby’s individual care needs, and creating and implementing corresponding programs. Highly qualified to handle premature babies and those with physical or emotional challenges.


Plan Creation
Safety Assurance
Sleep Fostering
Feeding and Bathing

Emergency Handling
Parent Assistance

Parent Education
Feed Tracking
Nursing Care
Medication Administration


  • Recognized early stages of cardiac arrest in a baby, as a result, saved her life.
  • Implemented a parent education program, considered the best in the state.
  • Introduced the concept of feed tracking, hence, reduced problems associated with overfeeding.
  • Devised a safe bathing system, thereby, reduced chances of baby slipping by 80%.


Baby Nurse
Baby Nurses Inc., Madison, WI | 2013-Present

  • Engage parents in conversation in order to determine their babies’ specific requirements.
  • Create and maintain charts and plans pertaining to baby care.
  • Clean babies using wipes, and wash them as and when required.
  • Change diapers, and ensure that soiled clothing is discarded.
  • Initiate a sleep and feeding schedule for assigned babies.
  • Make milk bottles, and ensure that it is provided to babies at the right times.
  • Provide emotional support to crying babies, by rocking them, and signing to them.
  • Ensure that sleep times are properly enforced.
  • Wash linen and clothes associated with babies.
  • Educate parents on the right way of changing diapers and handling feeds.

Healing Baby Sitter Services, Madison, WI | 2012-2013

  • Conferred with parents to determine their children’s specific personalities.
  • Engaged children in conversation in order to make them comfortable.
  • Created and implemented sleeping and eating routines.
  • Looked after children’s physical and emotional needs.
  • Handled emergencies such as accidents and injuries.


High School Diploma
Madison High School, Madison, WI 

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