Midwife Objective statements can improve your resume effectiveness by helping you:

● To launch your professional individuality

● To highlight your key qualifications by stating what you, as a midwife professional, have to offer your services beyond their expectations

● To inform your employer of the midwife position you are seeking and your career goals



Sample Objectives for Midwife Resume

• A position as a midwife with Mount Sinai Medical Center which will enable me to represent my work and employers professionally and give the highest level of comfort and care to patients.

• Seeking a midwife position at ABC Nursing Home, utilizing my practical midwifery experience to provide quality health care and maternity services to patients.

• To promote and apply the standards of midwife practice as established by the occupation.

• Looking for a position as a midwife in St. Louis Health Care, making the most of my midwifery education and training, in addition to my interpersonal skills to give the highest level of care to mothers and newborns.

• To work for Family Heath Center Pickering as a Certified Nurse Midwife. Bringing exceptional track record of success in gynecological exams, and preconception, labor and delivery care.

Entry Level

• Seeking a midwife position that will expand my education, skills and knowledge and make use of it to reinforce the facility’s operations.

• To obtain a Midfery position with a reputed hospital in order to utilize my education and skills of mother and newborn care.

• Fresh and energetic Nurse Midwife with exceptional skills in mother and newborn care, disease prevention, and health maintenance counseling.