Top Skills for Medical Assistant Resume

Updated on: September 7, 2018

Position Overview

Medical assistants are required to keep the medical office running efficiently. They are a vital part of the healthcare team. They are responsible for buying supplies, making appointments, and helping the doctors examine the patients. It will be imperative to have a caring and flexible manner so that they can talk to patients who might be upset or scared.

If you want to become a medical assistant, but you can go through a training program that will give you a diploma or a certificate. And later you can specialize in different fields of medicine like pediatrics or geriatrics which will make you uniquely suited to work in a clinic that specializes in your particular area.

In order to get a job as a medical assistant, you will need a compelling resume containing bullets of your skills and abilities. Look at the following skills statements to build a great resume for the medical assistant position.

Top Skills for Medical Assistant Resume

• Profound ability to understand and carry out instructions in an effective manner
• Expert in taking patients’ vitals and height and weight
• Able to take the patient’s history correctly and file properly
• Well-versed in performing common and advanced lab tests, EKGs and analyzing results
• Demonstrated ability to administer medication and injections
• Highly competent at dressing wounds and assisting with biopsies
• Adept at helping in removing stitches
• Excellent communication skills and exceptional patient service acumen
• Proven ability to stay organized at all times
• Particularly effective in working under stress
• In-depth knowledge of office administration procedures
• Familiar with medical terminology
• Exceptional ability to multitask
• Excellent telephone etiquette
• Track record of managing and easing patients for procedures
• Thorough understanding of maintaining the inventory of medical supplies