Certified Medical Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 10, 2018

Position Overview

Certified medical assistants work in the healthcare industry where their prime responsibility is to provide patients with clinical and administrative assistance. They also work closely with physicians and specialists to provide business office assistance.

Medical assistants support patient care by ensuring that all proper methods are followed during examinations and procedures. They assist physicians with medical procedures by providing them with help in administering medication and operating equipment. In some facilities, certified medical assistants are also required to perform lab duties such as taking samples and preparing them for testing.

These professionals are also expected to authorize drug refills and may from time to time provide prescription information to pharmacies in order to assist patients. On an administrative level, they schedule patient appointments, order medical and office supplies and set up medical laboratory equipment.

Medical assistants are an important part of the healthcare industry as they provide much-needed support without which a facility will not be able to function properly both in terms of providing healthcare facilities and managing a professional official environment.

There are many jobs that certified medical assistants perform. Let us take a look at the job description of this position. You may use some of these bullet statements to build your resume.

Job Description for Certified Medical Assistant Resume

• Greeted patients as they enter the facility
• Took the patient information for record purposes
• Maintained demographic and insurance information
• Verified information by interviewing patients
• Reviewed medical history and took vital signs
• Educated patients about the facility’s policies and medical procedures
• Recorded billing information
• Managed supplies and equipment
• Maintained a safe and clean environment for the patients and the doctors
• Liaised with insurance companies
• Created and maintained record systems to ensure that patients’ information was properly recorded
• Manned the telephone exchange, answered telephone calls and provided required information
• Registered new patients by assisting them in filling out registration forms and providing them with information on required documents
• Prepared examination rooms by ensuring that all equipment and supplied were available and in good working order
• Assisted doctors in performing examinations by operating medical equipment and providing them with supplies needed to complete the procedure
• Prepared patients for examinations by assisting them in changing into robes and providing them with information on what to expect during the procedure or examination
• Created and maintained effective liaison with insurance companies to verify patients’ insurance coverage information
• Contacted insurance companies to determine the status of submitted claims and follow up on delayed or unpaid claims
• Calculated co-pays and provided patients with information on how much coverage their insurance company will provide to them for each procedure
• Created and implemented supplies inventory systems and contacted vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of equipment and supplies
• Provided one on one information of what to expect from a procedure to patients and their families
• Administered medication to patients and ensured that medicine refill requests are timely filled
• Oversaw the cleanliness, maintenance, and sterilization of medical equipment after each procedure
• Scheduled patients for appointments and performed follow up duties to ensure that all appointment slots are filled
• Handled any canceled appointment slots by allotting them to patients on the facility waiting lists