Office support is a broad term used for many positions working to support administrative and clerical functions in an office. This may include office support specialists, assistants and clerks. The need for office support is high to say the least as no office can function without good support working at the back end.

The duties of different positions providing office support overlap mostly but each have their specific role to play in an organization. Let us look at the duties of an office support clerk as an example. What do we expect of them? Clerks will prove general administrative and clerical support to an office by keeping in constant touch with all departments and fulfilling their office support needs.

If you are looking for an office support job, then this cover letter may help you in applying for one.


Office Support Cover Letter Example


635 Park Street
Presque Isle, ME 66666

December 5, 2015

Mr. Amos Dexter
Manager Human Resources
Core Technologies
490 Mountainview Drive
Presque Isle, ME 90210

Re: Office Support Clerk Position

Dear Mr. Dexter:

The position of an Office Support Clerk at Core Technologies requires exceptional skills in facilitating both clerical and light administration work within organization – I am confident that I possess these skills – even more. I have researched Core Technologies and know the company to be the best in the industry which is why I am sure that it will not settle for anything but the best.

If provided with a chance to work with Core Technologies, I would be able to bring expertise from providing reception desk coverage to coordinating everyday tasks, such as, maintaining and updating records. Previously, I had been providing support to different departments within the ABC Company for 3 years. There, I had had a series of continuous successes in maintaining thriving liaison with all departments. With a keen ability to facilitate each department’s core functions along with managing the smallest of details with great accuracy, I have the ability to become a vital member of your office.

Discussing the possibility of working with you in person will provide you a great insight into my support abilities and me with insight of your company. Please feel free to call me at (211) 333-3333 for any further information you may require in order to augment my suitability for this position. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.



Pamela John

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