Maintenance Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 18, 2017

What is it that makes us quiver at the thought of an interview? Lack of preparation.

If you are aware of all that you are capable of, you cannot go wrong with an interview process. Your confidence will show during the interview procedure, and will be the deciding point to hire you.

So do not fret, and look through the following set of interview questions and answers to prepare for a maintenance supervisor interview!



Maintenance Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers


What brought you into the world of facilities and equipment maintenance?
I started working as an apprentice in a small facility 10 years ago, with the main aim of learning any skill. As time went on, I realized that I was focusing my energies on the maintenance end of the work. One thing led to another, and here I am, a decade later, in a position to lead maintenance work in any facility that chooses to hire me!

What have been your duties as a maintenance supervisor in a previous or present role?
As a maintenance supervisor, I have been actively working to create, maintain, and implement maintenance strategies and programs for assigned areas and equipment. Apart from this, it has been my duty to hire maintenance staff members, and ensure that they are properly trained and put to work to their best abilities. Staff oversight and leadership is also part of my work, as is to ensure that all maintenance and repair work is properly carried out.

And what skills do you boast of that make you a great person to hire as a maintenance supervisor at our facility?
Apart from possessing exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, which I believe are very important for anyone wanting to work as a maintenance supervisor, I possess deep knowledge of the different types of maintenance work, and how each needs to be carried out. Demonstrated expertise in strategizing maintenance work activities, exceptional leadership qualities, and the ability to think and act in an analytic manner are also skills that I am sure will be welcomed by you.

What is it about the work that you find the most challenging?
I have not thought about challenges in years, to be honest. I love the work so much that I take all challenges as “all in a day’s work”, and carry on with them.

What is the most difficult thing that you have done in this capacity?
If you mean to ask what my most difficult task has been up till now, it was managing the maintenance of two facilities at the same time, one of which was not initially under my wing. But I managed to make it happen, without missing the deadline, or receiving a single complaint from any side.

What are your future plans as far as this work is concerned?
I am working hard to climb the ladder to a higher managerial position, where my skills and capabilities can be put to a more challenging use.