Inventory Control Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 28, 2017

Interviews for inventory control supervisor position are not as scary as we make them out to be – the interview procedure can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. How? Well, this goes for any major event that we go through in our lives. If we are well-prepared for an event, there is no way that it will seem cumbersome to us. But if we opt not to do our homework, there is a huge chance that we will fail at the time of the interview.

Focusing on the “preparation” part, let’s see what it includes. You have to prepare on two levels – personal development and professional knowledge. When you are good in both, the results of an interview will be great too. To help you with the actual questions and answers, here is a set that you can look through:


Inventory Control Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

What qualifies you to work as an inventory control supervisor in our organization?
As someone who has vast experience (spanning 10 years) in inventory management, I am positive that I am the best contender to hire at this position. Deep knowledge of complex inventory systems and cycle counts, exceptional exposure to vendor / supplier liaison, and excellent communication and organizational skills all make me a great person to work as an inventory control supervisor with your organization.

What type of work were you responsible for while working as an inventory control supervisor in a previous role?
Overseeing the daily operations of the inventory staff, organizing and auditing inventory processes such as receipts, returns and storage practices, supervising and coordinating the appropriate processing of purchase requisitions and orders, maintaining inventories at optimal levels and preparing and submitting of reports inventory balances and shortages were some of the main work that I was responsible for in my previous role as an inventory control supervisor.

How do you handle inventory discrepancies?
As an individual who is meticulous to a fault, I make sure that discrepancies are few and far between. In the event that they do arise, I make sure that I investigate the problem and then take immediate action to counter it before it has any adverse effect on the system.

What is the one thing that you look out for when maintaining inventory systems?
One of my major concerns when maintaining inventory systems is to ensure that it remains current and that any over or under investment is prevented.

As far as staff oversight is concerned, where does the work of an inventory control supervisor come in?
Inventory control supervisors have a lot to do with inventory management staff. They make sure that each staff member is working according to the schedule that is provided to them, and that all policies and protocols are followed by them to ensure optimum delivery of service.

And what is your experience in vendor relations?
As an inventory control supervisor, working with vendors and suppliers is all in a day’s work for me. As of now, I have a vast network of vendors and suppliers that I am in contact with, making my work a little less challenging where accurate and timely deliveries are concerned.