Medical Records Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Even if you know the cover letter writing basics and are well equipped with writing skills, it can be a difficult task to write a compelling cover letter. Here are three golden rules pertaining to cover letter for Medical Records Specialist position:

Be skill focused: Highlighting one’s job relevant skills is crucial to cover letter writing. Utilize the main body of your cover letter by tying your qualifications with the job requirements.

Be very Specific: An important thing to remember while writing a cover letter is to specify the exact position you seek.

Be yourself: Employers want to know what kind of a person you are. Add some personality to your cover letter and reflect your work style in your writing.

Below is a medical records specialist cover letter sample.


Medical Records Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Jason Kyle

347 Unicorn Ave • Tacoma, WA 45003 • (004) 333 – 2222 • jason @ email . com

February 7, 2015

Mr. Kevin Samuel
HR Manager
55 Tulip Ave
Tacoma, WA 45003

“Progress is impossible without change.” -Bernard Shaw

Dear Mr. Samuel:

If you are seeking a medical records specialist who is forward thinking, highly accurate, skilled in database management and fully compliant with HIPPA guidelines regarding medical record keeping, your search ends right now.

My enclosed resume documents my qualifications and competencies in detail. Some of my noteworthy professional achievements:

✔ Restructured the data collection and recording mechanism bringing it 100% in line with FDA issued guidelines pertaining to maintenance of medical records.

✔ Initiated a high speed integrated and effective database which reduced patient history retrieval time by 5 minutes on the average.

✔ Developed a swift mechanism for invoice and insurance claims verification and enhanced data accuracy level by 60% through vigilant monitoring of electronic data entry protocols.

My work experience as a medical records specialist has proven to be a ‘change-agent’ for the institutes I have worked with. Being a progression-oriented and tech savvy medical records professional, I enjoy a sound reputation of adopting and inculcating latest medical data integration and management strategies with the aim of enhancing the records systems’ effectiveness.

With a record of enhancing the effectiveness and accuracy of medical records system, I would like to have a meeting with you to discuss my candidacy n detail. I intend to call your office and follow up this application in the next week. In the interim, may you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.



Jason Kyle
(004) 333-2222
jason @ email . com.

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