How to Write a Cover Letter for Medical Assistant?

Updated on: July 30, 2021

Like all other cover letters written for any specific position, a cover letter for a medical assistant will need to hold information on how the candidate possesses the skills needed in the environment that he or she may be hired.

Since a medical assistant is likely to work in a clinic, his role will be largely administrative and that of a support agent.

To be able to write a compelling cover letter, you will need to identify your skills first and then match them with your experience. Let us chart out what skills a medical assistant should possess:

– Front office skills
– Medical terminology
– Communication
– Laboratory experience
– Patience
– Well organized
– Calm manner
– Physical stamina

The list can go on and on but let us work with these skills for the moment. Since we have already discussed that a medical assistant’s role is administrative, your front office skills and communication should be excellent. The following sample sentence should help you understand how to make this obvious:

1. “As a well-organized and enthusiastic individual, I would like to offer my administrative skills and the ability to communicate well with patients even in times of severe distress.”

2. “My experience in performing lab work and coinciding excellence in medical terminology makes me an excellent candidate for this position.”

How would you use the above statements in a medical assistant cover letter? Simple really! A cover letter holds standard information in this chronological order:

– Your address
– Name of the person you are applying to
– Designation of the person you are applying to
– Address of the person you are applying to
– Salutation
– Opening paragraph (you may use the first sample sentence here)
– Middle paragraph (you may use the second sample sentence here)
– Parting paragraph (provide information on follow up and your telephone number)
– Sign off