Mechanical Foreman Resume Sample

Updated on December 17, 2018

Mechanical foremen coordinate the efforts of a skilled crew in an automated environment.

They supervise teams of workers who are entrusted with a particular mechanical project to ensure that the project is carried out appropriately.

Since this position is of great responsibility, employers tend to hire people with excellent skills and insight.

If you possess both of these traits, you will need to ensure that your resume reflects it.

As you are interested in obtaining a mechanical foreman position, therefore, the following resume example will be of interest to you.



Mechanical Foreman Resume Example


Harrison Miang
888 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 62019
Cellular: (000) 475-5214 | Email


A hardworking and talented leader, with 10+ years progressive experience in mechanical foremanship. High success rate in bringing mechanical projects to fruitful completion. Well versed in ensuring mechanical task analysis projected towards safe mechanical work practices. Demonstrated success in handling skilled labor teams to practice safety measures while performing complex mechanical work procedures.

• Dynamic leadership qualities
• Ability to motivate teams
• Creative thinking abilities
• Good organizer with practical communication skills
• Exceptional ability to respond to emergencies

• Introduced the time card system to replace the manual attendance system, thereby saving both time and working hours.
• Reintroduced equipment maintenance techniques which brought down system malfunctions considerably.
• Wrote a book on safety rules to be followed before, during and after mechanical procedures thereby setting a standard.
• Trained seven teams of skilled laborers in performing mechanical tasks spanning three years.


Mechanical Foreman
Clover Contracting, Fairfield, CT | 2007 – Present
• Create schedules and delegate tasks to the labor force.
• Provide job cards to the team on a daily basis.
• Ensure that all jobs are being carried out according to project protocols.
• Monitor schedules to ensure time efficiency and work orders accuracy.
• Ensure that all mechanical duties are carried out under the specifications.
• Supervise workers in testing project modules.
• Manage problems and inconsistencies in work processes.
• Interview, hire and train new workers.
• Review time cards to assist with payroll functions.

Mechanical Worker
ABC Company, Honolulu, HI | 2003 – 2007
• Assembled, disassembled and tested mechanical devices.
• Read wiring diagrams and performed mechanical activities accordingly.
• Completed visual inspection of mechanical assemblies.
• Reworked, repaired and modified mechanical equipment.
• Ensured that all equipment and tools are maintained appropriately.
• Made sure that all appropriate safety procedures are taken into account before commencing a project.

City College, Honolulu, HI | 2002
Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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