Fleet Mechanic Resume Sample

Updated on: January 27, 2016

After the initial analysis is completed – type of job, requirements, one’s own ability to meet the requirements and eligibility standards – it is time to move on to the actual resume writing. Which is going to give you nightmares if you do not follow the right path!

Resume writing is cumbersome, yes, but only if you are unsure of how to handle it.

Typically, resume writing should be a piece of cake as you know yourself best and putting it all on paper should not be an issue.

Take a look at a sample resume for a fleet mechanic position.


Fleet Mechanic Resume Sample


Andrew Bowie

9987 June Road ● Brown Mills, NJ 00856 ● (000) 999-9999 ● andbow @ email . com


Performance Summary: Over 5 years of experience in inspecting automobiles, trucks and related equipment to locate and determine need for overhauls or repairs. Special talent for:

• Adjusting and replacing necessary units and parts such as valves, hoses, belts and alternators
• Performing preventative maintenance on vehicles including periodic oil changes and parts lubrication
• Performing vehicle body work and collision repair work, with the aim of bringing the vehicle to its original state
• Installing and maintaining emergency equipment in emergency vehicles such as ambulances


Vehicle Inspection Preventative Maintenance Unit Replacement
Diagnosis and Repair Engine Tuning Equipment Operation
Failure Diagnosis Road Calls Management Motor Overhauling
Assembly Management Computer Instrumentation Incident Assessment


DR. PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP, Browns Hills, NJ (5/2012 to Present)
Fleet Mechanic

• Diagnose vehicle failure by performing detailed analysis of each part of the engine or transmission
• Disassemble, repair and reassemble parts of engines following standard procedures and protocols
• Perform preventative maintenance and diagnosis of transmissions, brakes, engines and electrical systems
• Use welding and cutting tools in a safe manner to fabricate or shape materials for repairs
• Assess incidents and accidents and respond to each situation by determining appropriate courses of action
• Diagnose and fix operational issues on vehicles and take measures to ensure that they do not reoccur
• Install surveillance equipment in school buses to promote student safety and discipline
• Rewire ignition systems and instrument panels and diagnose and repair vehicle heating and cooling systems
• Calibrate vehicle operations or detect problems by attaching computerized test instruments to engines

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced computer instruments in an environment working solely on manual instruments to gauge calibration problems in auto transmission vehicles
• Acted as the prime source of information in an accident, by providing key information on which side the fault was
• Diagnosed an engine failure based on a hunch (derived from a sound coming from the truck engine when the ignition was switched on), saving the vehicle and the people inside from a major fire hazard
• Handled 32 road calls in one day, during Blizzard Jonas, and proved invaluable in ascertaining that all vehicle owners got home safely

BOART LONGYEAR, Browns Mills, NJ (1/2010 to 5/2012)
Mechanic Apprentice

• Assisted in determining cause of engine or transmission failures by performing detailed inspections
• Drove vehicles from pickup points to the workshop and ensured that they were delivered back in time
• Assured that all repair and maintenance of fleet vehicles was done in accordance to federal DOT regulations
• Provided support in repairing and maintaining hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems
• Performed preventative maintenance on fleet vehicles such as oil changes and parts lubrication

ROBERTSON HIGH SCHOOL, Browns Mills, NJ – 2009
High School Diploma