Although there is no perfect cover letter for physical therapist position, but going through some well written samples can help you determine a format that suits your needs. In order to write an effective cover letter, you should keep the following points in mind:

• Read the advertisement carefully before writing your cover letter

• Relate your skills with the employer’s expectations

• Reflect your personality – show them what kind of person you are

• Go through some sample cover letters to get some ideas before writing


Physical Therapist Cover Letter Sample 1


Jason Darcy

4788 Hathaway Lane | Savannah, GA 43632 | (009) 444-3333 | jason @ email . com

May 5, 2017

Mr. Timothy Glen
HR Manager
Reliant Rehabilitation Center
608 Maple Leaf Lane
Savannah, GA 43632


Dear Mr. Glen:

Sports and orthopedic rehabilitation, spine and neck care, vestibular aquatic therapy , hand, ankle and foot care therapy. These are some of the areas in which I excel as a physical therapist.

Following are my qualifications which makes me a great contender for physical therapist position at Reliant Rehabilitation Center:

❖ Licensed physical therapist with specialization certificate in therapy of neck and spine.

❖ Skilled in patient assessment and care plan development including modalities, exercise programs, patient education and therapeutic procedures.

❖ Adept at maintaining records of plan implemented and patient response to treatment.

❖ National Provider Identifier and Basic Life Support certified.

I work well with people of different backgrounds in fast-paced and busy environments. Employers and coworkers has consistently commended my vision, strong work ethics and ability to deal with patients and clients.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my qualifications and how can I contribute defectively as a dynamic member of your physical therapists team. My resume is attached for your perusal.


Jason Darcy

(009) 444-3333


Physical Therapist Cover Letter Sample 2



Alexander Mathew
44 Eaglelake Drive
Durant, OK 22214
(000) 854-8564
alex @ email . com

May 5, 2017

Ms. Edna Rudolf
Recruitment Officer
Family Physical Therapy
225 Redbud Lane
Durant, OK 25142


Dear Ms. Rudolf:

As a Certified Physical Therapist with 14 years’ track record, I understand that success depends on the satisfaction of clients.

I am proud to mention that my fair and professional physical therapy services have been commended by all of my clients repeatedly. My ability to evaluate a patient’s physical condition and devise a plan accordingly has won the confidence of many clients. I am adept at performing all popular physical therapy procedures that aide in enhancing strength and flexibility along with assisting in motor control and reducing pain and discomfort. Moreover, I am physically fit to handle all kinds of work efficiently.

I have enclosed my resume with this letter for your review. I would like to meet with you to discuss the possibility of joining your team of physical therapists, for which I will call you after the weekend. In the mean time, if you would like to speak to me, I will be available at (000) 854-8125.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alexander Mathew

Enc. Resume