Training and Development Manager Resume Summary

Updated on: October 7, 2017

A Training and Development Manager resume summary can go a long way in making a recruiter decide to hire you immediately. Yes, that is how important it is.

A resume that begins without a summary usually confuses a hiring manager, often leading to him or her leaving your resume on the table, and picking up the next one. And that does not do you any favors.

So the verdict is that one has to create a summary to give one’s resume the “look”. Now, let’s determine what a resume summary should include. A resume summary is written with one thing in mind – to hook a hiring manager enough so that he or she does not put down your resume. Most resumes are cumbersome to read simply because they are too long and detailed. Sometimes, hiring managers decide that they do not want to read the entire resume once they have been through the resume summary. There could be two reasons for this:

a) The hiring manager did not like what you wrote in the summary, and is in a hurry to pick up the next resume.

b) The hiring manage loves what you have written, and does not feel the need to read the rest of the resume, because he or she is about to pick up the telephone to give you a call!

To make sure that the latter situation prevails, have a look at the following summary statements to take ideas from:


Sample Summary Statements for Training and Development Manager Resume


• Self-motivated, efficient and methodical Training and Development Manager with exceptional skills in creating, developing and implementing core training and development programs and strategies. Highly skilled in ensuring that each program module is in sync with the individual needs of employees.

• Training and Development Manager with over 10 years of dedicated experience in delivering and continuously improving training programs, in support of the organization’s needs, both in group and individualized training sessions.

• Highly experienced Training and Development Manager with a verifiable track record of creating high quality deliverables in sync with the individualized training and development needs of current and new employees.

• Adaptable and analytic Training and Development Manager with 6+ years’ extensive experience in conducting training needs analysis, aimed at supporting the design, development and implementation of corporate training programs and strategies.

• Industrious and competent Training and Development Manager with exceptional skills and experience in supporting full talent cycle programs across the organization, to include onboarding, learning and performance management initiatives, along with deep familiarity with designing and implementing blended training solutions for groups and individuals.