Training and Development Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 5, 2017

You can either ace an interview or do great damage to your confidence. There is no middle ground here. Since the latter is not really an option, it is best of you work towards your goal of being successful at an interview.

What is it that makes a Training and Development Manager interview successful?

An interview is successful only if the interviewee has bothered to prepare for it. If not, all the effort that you made while writing your resume and cover letter will go to waste.

A set of interview questions and answers for a training and development manager position is provided below:


Training and Development Manager Interview Questions and Answers


What was your main responsibility in the role of a training and development manager?
Basically, I am responsible for creating, developing and implementing training and development strategies and programs to meet the specific and individualized needs of existing and new employees.

What skills do you think are necessary to be able to work successfully as a training and development manager?
Firstly, it is important for training and development managers to have a solid background in this area. Exceptional skills in determining what each individual employee’s training needs are, and effectively creating a correlating plan to meet those needs is imperative. Furthermore, it is important for people working at this position to be able to create and implement strategies to handle onboarding and induction of new employees.

What is the one skill that you possess which you are exceptionally proud of?
I am a great communicator, which is the essence of one’s capabilities in this role. I believe that due to this, I am able to reach out to people quite well, especially where needs evaluation is concerned.

What has been your toughest task in this role?
I was once asked to develop and implement a training program for 4 employees who had physical disabilities. I hadn’t ever done anything like this before, and at one time found it to be too overwhelming. However, I pulled myself together, did thorough research, and gave the project all that I had. It was a roaring success!

Do you feel that high stress is associated with this work? Why or why not?
I do believe that this work is highly stressful because there’s a lot of responsibility on one’s shoulders regarding the outcomes. But that’s a challenge that I love!

Where do you want to go from here as far as your career in training and development is concerned?
I am hoping to acquire enough skills and experience to be able to climb the ladder to the position of a training and development director soon!