Training and Development Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 6, 2017

It is quite a feat to impress a hiring manager who has been impressed by many candidates’ cover letter writing skills over the years. Difficult but not impossible.

If you have a knack for reaching out to a prospective employer to provide information of how good you can be at the work place, you have won half the battle. If not, you may need to determine a few ways to write a cover letter that is “dressed to impress”.

Training and Development Manager cover letters are read widely, contrary to popular belief. The only problem that you might face is if your cover letter is not an attractive read. In this case, it is back to the drawing board for you. Reading other cover letters can give you a fair idea about what needs to go into yours.

Emulate, but do not copy. Find out what sample cover letters say, and how they say it, and then write one in the same way.

Have a look at the following cover letter sample for a training and development manager position:


Training and Development Manager Cover Letter Example



253 Cedar Street
Fisherville, KY 25321

October 6, 2017

Mr. Sean Walters
Human Resource Manager
NCLH Corporation
401 Fisherville Woods Road
Fisherville, KY 87021


Dear Mr. Walters:

I recently discovered that NCLH Corporation has been on the lookout to hire a Training and Development Manager for some time. I believe that it is serendipity that has brought this knowledge to me, as I am the perfect candidate to be hired at this position. Let me highlight all the reasons why.

In the similar professional roles previously, I was responsible for a huge array of duties such as coordination and facilitation of current and future trainings, and development programs, and initiatives. My ability to achieve training and development objectives through providing support to line managements, and demonstrated expertise in ensuring compliance with legally mandated training requirements is much above the level that you would expect.

With such extensive work experience in formulating training policies, programs and schedules, and coordinating training activities, I am confident that I will be a great force once hired at your organization.

If you are looking for an individual who has the capacity to support full talent cycle programs across the company, including onboarding and performance management initiatives, I am the right person for this job.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will be in touch with you regarding an interview soon. If you feel that you need additional information to process my job application, please call me.




Rita Ora
(000) 325-5241
Enc: (Resume)