Generally, there are three types of cover letters for Shop Manager Resume:

1. Letter of Application is used when a candidate has seen an advertisement and is applying for a job with reference to it.

2. Letter of Inquiry is used when a candidate is inquiring about the possibility of a vacant position.

3. A Letter of Interest in one that is used when a candidate knows of an open position and is writing to express interest in it.

The following cover letter for shop manager position is specific to the situation when you are submitting your application for an advertised job.


Shop Manager Cover Letter Example


87 Seborn Avenue
Zanesville, OH 73653

March 12, 2014

Ms. Christina Campbell
Manager (Admin & HR)
ABC Shop
12 Little Avenue
Zanesville, OH 63534


Dear Ms. Campbell:

I came across your advertisement for a Shop Manager on and submitting my application for the same. My honed capabilities in shop operations and management combined with my excellent customer service skills makes me the right candidate for this position.

I am a hardworking and focused individual with hands-on experience in managing shop operations by scheduling and assigning employees to tasks that they can best do. I have a demonstrated ability to help achieve financial objectives by managing accounting system of shop effectively. Particularly, I have a successful track record of greeting customers and assisting them with buying decisions and providing gift ideas. In addition, I have had considerable experience in maintaining liaison with vendors and suppliers and have the capability to ensure that incoming shipments are error free and up to the prescribed standards of the shop. Furthermore, my ability to follow instructions with minimum supervision and manage stocks and inventory is an added trait that helps me work effectively and efficiently.

I am enclosing my resume for your perusal and anticipate meeting with you personally to discuss the possibility of my joining. I will be available at 123-999-8888 if you would like to speak to me. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Amanda Hall

Enc. Resume