Cover Letter for Gift Shop Manager

Updated on: June 12, 2019

How to Write a Gift Shop Manager Cover Letter?

Thinking of starting your cover letter for gift shop manager something like: ‘Please accept this application letter in response to…’?

If so, drop the idea straight away. Such opening styles are very old-fashioned.


In order to compete in the present day economy for a gift shop manager position, you need a modern cover letter that reflects you as a responsible individual.

Here are some useful guidelines to consider as you write your cover letter:

• Explain why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Highlight your most wanted skills and convince the reader that you are the very person they need to fill in the gift manager position

• Communicate that you admire the firm with reasons. Tell them what you know of the firm and why you wish to join them



• Define your future track. Tell them how and when you intend to follow up. Remember, a flat closing can cancel all the impact.

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Sample Cover Letter for Gift Shop Manager Resume


Rosa Gabriel
6770 Olympus Ave
Jackson, MS 59493
(000) 970-8457
[email protected]

June 12, 2019

Mr. Timothy Blair
HR Manager
Compass Group
56 Rainbow Horizons
Jackson, MS 59493


Dear Mr. Blair:

Fostering client and staff relationships to deliver exceptional results is what I do best. I bring a track record of exercising and implementing promotional skills to consistently enhance the growth of retail organizations I have worked with. I offer the Compass Group, exceptional skills in staff management, merchandising, inventory control, financial management and operational overview in the capacity of a gift shop manager.

During the past six years of similar experience, I have developed a master blend of knowledge regarding trends in gift shops and staff supervisory skills which render me an ideal candidate to set up and operate your new outlet in the Jackson region. Being native to the area, I understand the clientele and culture of the potential customers and offer demonstrated ability to understand and cater to customer needs. I firmly believe that you will also find my financial and budgetary skills more than satisfactory since my employers have always commended my ability of monetary management.

My detailed resume is enclosed for your view. I look forward to an interview with you. I shall call your secretary on coming Friday to implore a date for the purpose which is convenient for you. In the meanwhile, I am reachable at (000) 970-8457.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Rosa Gabriel

Encl. Resume

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