Sample Cover Letter for Procurement Manager

Updated on: May 10, 2018

Position Overview

As the designation title suggests, procurement managers coordinate the logistics of buying supplies for a company. They are required to keep a close check on inventory to determine the need for goods and supplies and to ensure that they are well stocked.

On a typical workday, you will see procurement managers preparing purchase orders and maintaining constant liaison with suppliers and vendors. They negotiate prices and ensure that the quantity procured is correct and is of the right quality.

When applying for a job in this capacity, a procurement manager will need to write a cover letter something akin to the following sample.


Procurement Manager Cover Letter Sample



711 Purdy Street
Jesup, IA 99393
(000) 999-9996

May 10, 2018

Mr. Jim Carey
Manager Human Resources
Ace Inc.
3901 Morningside Road
Jesup, IA 91111


Dear Mr. Carey:

This letter and enclosed resume are with reference to the advertisement for the position of a Procurement Manager at Ace Inc. I would like to offer my services for the same as my qualifications and experiences are in-sync with your requirements.

I am presently working for Almonds Galore where my job as a procurement manager provides me the exposure to a lot of things in a single working day. Since this position requires that a person is organized and result oriented, I work hard to manage the logistics of supplies and goods procurement. I have had great success in achieving cost reduction for my company by employing purchasing techniques that I believe very few people in this industry grasp of. With my strong negotiation skills, I consider myself a breed apart whether it is managing everyday work or picking up new projects to do.

Moreover, I am highly skilled in preparing purchase requisitions, approving and issuing purchase orders, coordinating vendor activity, and negotiating service agreements.

I will be on Morningside Road on Monday for some procurement work, and I am wondering if we may meet up and discuss this employment option. If you are not free on Monday, please let me know, and we can set a meeting time at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration.



James Hall

Enc. Resume