HR Assistant Interview Questions and Answer Tips

The competition for a human resource assistant’s vacancy is competitive. As interview is the most important component of the hiring process, it is vital to get prepared for answers. The following questions and answers will assist you preparing an HR Assistant Interview to set yourself apart from the rest of crowd.

Q. How does your academic and professional background relate to the HR Assistant position?
Ideally, you will only qualify up to the interview if you possess the required education and experience, which in this case will be BBA-HR, B.S. HR, M.S HR, MPhil HR, MBA-HR, etc. So the best answer relates the academic major courses and what you learnt that can practically help you in your job. For example carrying out job analysis, conducting interviews, and handling employee performance appraisals. In addition, describe your previous HR related jobs; where you worked, and what were your responsibilities. Compare your duties with the prospective company’s HR Assistant job description to make them see that you fit perfectly.

Q. What do you know about our company?
Research about the company thoroughly before going to the interview because this shows how serious you are in getting job and consequently how responsible you will be at work if they hire you. You should know about the company’s owner or hiring manager’s name, the hierarchy and other pertinent information. Above all, you must know the business that they are into and what kind of people you would be required to deal with. Go through the company’s website for these details including company’s mission, vision, core values, history and the “about us” section.

Q. Have you read our HR Assistant job description? What do you know about the position? Do you think you will be able to perform the listed duties with complete responsibility?
Never go to the interview without having read the job description. By doing so, you will be confident enough to relate it with your skills and experience and show your sense of responsibility. Quote some statements from the job description and relate your qualifications to the same; such as making payrolls, carrying out training sessions and employee orientations, and the knowledge of the HRIS system.

Q. Why should we hire you? How will you benefit us?
Relate your experience/education/skills/abilities/accomplishments to the HR Assistant job. Answer why you are a suitable match. Explain how good you are in problem-solving. Tell them about your positive attitude and demeanor, desire to be a team player, ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, multi-tasking capability and strong work ethic. Display passion for the job and the company and what this job means to you.

Q. Do you have prior recruitment experience? If so, for which positions you hired?
List the relevant positions you held in the past, varying in types and requirements. Draw attention towards different kinds of professionals you hired or assisted in hiring process. The versatile your range of positions that you hired, the more your chances are of getting selected.

Q. What sources are common for head-hunting? Which ones have you used?
You may mention the following sources:
• Web job-portals: LinkedIn, Indeed, Getthejob, Monster, placingjobs, Yahoo jobs, twitter jobs, etc.
• Resume databases that the company maintains
• College recruitment: Being in contact with multiple college placement offices and participating in job fairs/career expos. Also getting updated resume books of the graduates every year.
• Referrals and PR
• Internal postings
• Newspaper, print or published Ads
• Old employees

Q. From 1 to 10 (10 being the highest and 1 the lowest) where would you rate yourself in managing positive relations with coworkers, resource providers, clients, internal / external stakeholders? Give examples?
Do not rate yourself below 7 in any rating, even if you lack at something. This shows your confidence and how much you believe in yourself. Give examples from you professional or academic life. Also show that you are good at conflict resolution. Given a situation, say an unhappy employee files a complaint against another staff member, explain how effectively you deal with this situation.

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