Property Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 25, 2015

Position Overview

Contrary to popular belief, a property manager is not the same as a property office manager. The latter designation is of an individual who handles real estate offices. The former is someone who is assigned to look after a residential or commercial property. It is his or her duty to ensure that the premises is kept secure, the residents or occupants are kept safe and that the overall operational logistics of the place is kept smooth.

Property managers are required to keep in constant touch with residents and maintenance staff to ensure effective and timely coordination of services. Whenever there is a cause for concern on the residents’ part, the property manager acts as the first point of contact. To work at this position, it is important to possess a high school diploma at the very least – no formal education is required. Additionally, you will need to have a positive attitude, customer service acumen and the ability to efficiently handle problems by providing viable solutions.

Since property managers are often involved in the selection of contract services, they need to be focused on quality. Choosing the right company or personnel to perform maintenance or repair services, for instance, is extremely important.

On a typical work day, a property manager will perform some or all of the following duties:

Sample Job Description for Property Manager Resume

• Collect and record incoming rent from residents and ensure that all accumulated cash / checks are deposited in banks
• Ascertain that all vacant rooms, apartments and offices are ready to be occupied immediately
• Coordinate cleaning, maintenance and repair services for each part of the building in a time-efficient manner
• Market buildings through appropriate advertisements such as flyers and newspaper listings and attend community events to market them
• Coordinate services of vendors to ensure appropriate in-house services
• Supervise daily repair and maintenance activities by overseeing the work of housekeeping and custodial staff
• Assist managerial staff in creating lease and rent agreements according to each client’s specific information
• Build community relations with neighbors and surrounding areas to ensure neighborhood harmony
• Create and distribute work schedules for people working within the building, including office staff members and housekeeping personnel
• Act as the primary point of contact for queries and problems and ensure that the latter are effectively and quickly resolved
• Maintain and balance log of daily financial activities, including petty cash and bank deposits
• File evictions on non-payment and serve notices to residents
• Create and submit weekly occupancy reports, petty cash reports, monthly management reports and wait lists