Residential Property Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: November 16, 2017

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Residential Property Manager Resume Example



Lisa Turner

6588 McCarroll Street, Clarkston, WA 11092
(000) 868-5214
lisaturne @ email . com


Highly experienced and resourceful Residential Property Manager with over 6 years of dedication shown in maintaining excellent customer service relationships. Exceptionally well-versed in maximizing assigned property income, and minimizing expenses. Effectively oversees repair and maintenance tasks. Proven ability to establish rental rates by effectively surveying local rental rates, and calculation overhead costs and depreciation. Competent in attracting tenants by advertising vacancies and obtaining referrals from current tenants.


✓ Facility Oversight ✓ Financial Objectives ✓ Repair and Maintenance
✓ Renovations Planning ✓ Complaint Handling ✓ Systems Maintenance
✓ Territory Management ✓ Prospecting ✓ Communication
✓ Financial Reporting ✓ Owner Relations ✓ Rent Adjustments


• Met the vacancy filling target by 100% for 3 years in a row between 2013 and 2016.
• Devised a tenant prospecting system which proved to by 99% successful.
• Implemented a building maintenance system which reduced breakdowns by 55%.
• Successfully oversaw the renovation of an entire building block within the provided timeframe of 15 days.


Residential Property Manager
Wanguard Partners, Clarkston, WA | 11/2014 – Present
• Achieve occupancy goals by implementing marketing and outreach strategies.
• Confer with current tenants to acquire suggestions and referrals, to fill occupancies.
• Engage interested prospective tenants in conversation to determine their suitability.
• Establish rent metrics, and provide clients with information on additional charges and costs.
• Oversee the general upkeep, maintenance and repair of assigned property buildings.
• Qualify and place tenants in their choices of apartments, by interviewing them thoroughly.
• Create and maintain a positive and productive relationship with tenants, ensuring that they are kept satisfied.
• Resolve complaints or problems, by delving deep into issues, and ensuring that they are handled in an immediate manner.

Residential Property Officer
Global Residences, Clarkston, WA| 2/2011 – 11/2014
• Assisted new tenants by providing them with information regarding the residential facility’s services.
• Provided support to tenants by helping them settle down in their new homes.
• Ascertained that all repair and maintenance work was timely and properly carried out.
• Assisted in investigation complaints, and ensured that they were resolved to the satisfaction of the tenants.
• Oversaw the repair and maintenance teams, to ensure that proper upkeep of the facility was ensured.

Clarkston High School, Clarkston, WA – 2005
High School Diploma