Residential Property Manager Job Description

Updated on: November 16, 2017

Position Overview


A residential property manager is hired by a facility that provides living solutions to tenants / clients.

The main reason that these people are hired is to ensure that the operations and running of the facility are properly carried out.

These individuals ensure that residential properties run without any issues, and that when issues do arise, they are handled in an immediate manner.

Position Requirements


Usually, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a residential property manager. However, if you have worked in a similar capacity before, you will be considered a great contender to hire.

To be considered eligible for this position, it is imperative that you possess great communication skills, the ability to manage crises, and the capability of working in an environment that poses challenges on a daily basis.

Furthermore, working as a residential property manager means that you need to be able to handle a job where you are constantly on the go.

As a residential property manager, it is imperative that you possess in-depth knowledge of all rules and regulations governing residential property management.

Additionally, your focus should be on the tenants that you are dealing with, so that dissatisfaction on their part is not the norm. Here is a list of duties that you are expected to perform when working as a residential property manager:


Residential Property Manager Duties and Responsibilities


• Assess the assigned residential property’s need for more tenants, and advertise vacancies.

• Engage current tenants in conversation in a bid to acquire referrals for new tenants.

• Assess prospective tenants for their suitability to reside in assigned residential properties.

• Ascertain that any all tenants are periodically reminded of property rules and regulations.

• Determine rental rates by researching information from different residential property managers.

• Ensure that established rental rates are communicated to new tenants, and that any rate modifications are communicated to existing ones.

• Collect rents on a monthly basis, and create and maintain correlating reports, in a safe and confidential manner.

• Ascertain that any late rents or past dues are duly followed up with and collected as soon as possible

• Provide tenants with assistance by helping them move in and out, arranging for logistics to be handled

• Oversee the work of repair and maintenance staff, and ensure that any high-end needs of the facility are
approved and managed immediately.

• Resolve tenants’ complaints in a timely manner, ensuring their satisfaction on a constant basis.

• Create and maintain logs of all tenant communications, ensuring that all such information is confidentially handled.