Property Management Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated October 24, 2022
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Position Overview

A property management assistant is hired by organizations that run large residential, corporate, or commercial buildings. They are basically the property managers’ right hands, ensuring that all is in place.

The basic idea behind hiring someone for this position is to ensure that the property in question is running smoothly and that any issues with clients are managed in a way that they don’t turn into crises.

Position Requirements

Eligibility requirements to work as a property management assistant include an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business or a related discipline.

If you have worked in a similar capacity before, you may be considered a great contender to work at this position. If you haven’t, no one is going to hold it against you, as you will be trained on the job.

Being well organized and possessing exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are basic qualifications for this job.

The ability to manage a huge array of duties including security management, budget development, client relations, and crisis intervention is also a prerequisite for working in this role.

If your aim is to pursue a career as a property management assistant, you will need to work very hard to make sure that the work you do is well-placed.

Some of the specifics of working in this position are listed below:

Job Description for Property Management Assistant Resume

• Greet prospective tenants as they arrive at the facility and acquaint them with the premises

• Engage prospective tenants in conversation to determine their tenancy requirements and provide them with viable suggestions

• Provide tours of assigned buildings, ensuring that prospective clients are provided with insight into the structure and amenities offered

• Assist new tenants with shifting into their apartments or offices, by coordinating the services of maintenance and support staff members

• Monitory, analyze, and process utility bills, vendor invoices, and purchase receipts

• Oversee the work of the maintenance staff to ensure that they are working towards the standards of the organization

• Help the property manager with budget development and ensure that all activities are performed with the set budgets

• File and process paperwork required to ensure smooth operations within the community building

• Assist the property manager with marketing and leasing work, aiming to meet occupancy levels / goals

• Create monthly newsletters and ensure that resident activities are properly coordinated

• Conduct regular property inspections to determine problems and flaws and ensure that maintenance and repair work is performed according to established standards and protocols