IT Project Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: March 8, 2021

Today’s job market is entirely employer-centered – and only targeted resumes rule it.

To come up with an attractive resume IT project management job, it is essential to building the same in a manner that is meaningful to the employer.

The key to this is to mention only the skills that have been demanded by the employer and leave out all irrelevant details.

The resume sample below will provide you with a better idea of how to come up with an attractive resume for the IT Project Manager position.

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Sample Resume for IT Project Manager Position

Samantha Nathan
721 Hailey Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 89443
(005) 222-6666
sam @ email . com


Seven plus years of experience in IT project management. Author of numerous technology deployment procedures, possessing extensive expertise in processing and encoding IT projects. Particularly skilled in windows and Linux-based operational IT management.

• Dealt effectively with sensitive and important clients through matchless customer care delivery, extensive system integration expertise, and professional PR etiquette, securing a long-term contract for the company.
• Reduced the total IT costs by 10% through effective revenue management, troubleshooting, and precautionary maintenance of the IT projects under development.
• Worked successfully on a project with a budget of 1.4 Million, and a staff of 15 that involved migration windows to 4000 plus seats with 60+ servers in varied localities and 260 remote laptops.


– Cost-benefit analysis
– System troubleshooting
– Oracle ERP
– Email encryption solutions
– Global projects management
– Software Management
– Accounts escalation protocols
– Messaging extranets
– System Integration
– Oracle Financials


IT Project Manager
Digital Infusion, Scottsdale, AZ
2012 – Present
• Develop innovative IT solutions for boosting the company’s IT-based projects
• Provide support and assistance to external clients when needed
• Analyze and anticipate customer expectations, respond proactively to exceed the customer’s needs
• Conduct regular conceptual analysis and forecast plan resource requirements beforehand
• Demonstrate expertise in the finance business area including PtoP, M&A, treasury management, and revenue planning
• Design and develop robust integration platform

IT Project Manager
ABC Company, Scottsdale, AZ
2007 – 2012
• Initiated and developed innovative IT-based projects for client companies
• Evaluated budget and projected finance forecasting
• Managed finance and revenue management protocols
• Provided extensive IT assistance where needed in a courteous manner, exhibiting high-quality customer service etiquette

Project Management Certification
IT Institute of Scottsdale, AZ | 2007

MBA, IT Management
University of Scottsdale, AZ | 2006

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