Print Production Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 3, 2017

There are certain “nos” that you need to keep in mind when writing cover letters.

The first one is that your cover letter must not be a piece of writing that is dull and boring. It should be interesting and inviting.

Secondly, it is very important not to provide information in a cover letter that is of no good use to the reader.

Once you have eliminated these two issues, you will automatically channelize yourself in writing the best cover letter that a prospective employer has ever seen.

One of the main reasons that job seekers feel intimidated when writing a cover letter is the fact that they have limited information on their hands. Deciding what needs to be written in a cover letter is somewhat complicated, especially if you want to say a lot but have little space to say it.

Here is a sample to help you say what you should be saying in a Print Production Manager cover letter:


Print Production Manager Cover Letter Example


August 3, 2017

Mr. Austin Thompson
Human Resource Manager
ARC Document Solutions
927 Garvin Road
Derry, NH 65022


Dear Mr. Thompson:

The position of a Print Production Manager requires consummate skills in managing multiple sourcing and production project simultaneously, which is something that I can do without a lot of effort.

Organizing data, and clearly communicating job specifications to vendor communities for quotation purposes are some of the areas that I am proficient in. If hired at ARC Document Services, you will soon discover that I am a force to reckon with when it comes to overseeing production and quality outputs, in a bid to maintain a high level of branch organization at all times.

In my current position as a print production manager at LSC Communications, I am responsible for assigning daily production activities for each shift, and directing assigned employees to ensure that print production deadlines are met effectively.

As an organized, resourceful and efficient individual, I can work extremely well without supervision. I am focused on proactively leading option analysis, and can easily work with printers to reduce risks of new design printing. Conducting print feasibility assessments to establish printers’ capabilities to meet design requirements is my prime focus.

I am confident that the expertise and enthusiasm that I will bring to ARC Document Solutions will prove to be an asset in handling all your print production initiatives. I appreciate the courtesy that you have extended in reading this letter and the accompanying resume. I look forward to a future conversation where I can demonstrate my enthusiasm in becoming an integral member of your team.




Julia Tyler

(000) 857-9597