Manufacturing Production Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 6, 2017

Insightful cover letters rock – those that are superficial don’t. Writing an insightful cover letter means that you will be spending a great amount of time in researching the best type of information that you can offer.

This will include your abilities and skills in certain areas that a prospective employer requires. Depending on what it is that a prospective employer does want, provide information about your knowledge and experience in a cover letter, and you can be sure to win an interview.

Cover letters are almost never about the candidate. The information that you provide must favor the hiring manager. While it is yourself that you will be talking about in a cover letter, it is important to understand that the information should be presented in a way that a hiring manager feels that you are doing it for his or her benefit.

A cover letter sample is provided below for your reference:


Manufacturing Production Manager Cover Letter Sample



658 Riverdale Street
New York, NY 54874

August 6, 2017

Mr. Jason Cannes
Human Resource Manager
Power Magnetics, Inc.
700 7th Street E
New York, NY 97082


Dear Mr. Cannes:

I am presently interested in working for Power Magnetics, Inc. as a manufacturing production manager, as I believe that I can handle both oversight and management processes for the organization. As someone who has been constantly commended for my leadership qualities, you will not regret the decision to hire me.

Setting targets for production teams, and efficiently organizing production activities using available resources are just a couple of my strong points. In addition to this, I am well-versed in supervising and coordinating the activities of machine shops, placing special focus on ensuring that operations are carried out safely and efficiently.

Training production staff members in the proper use of equipment, and enforcing safety regulations is another area that I focus on greatly. Owing to the fact that I have worked in a production manager capacity (within a large manufacturing concern) for over 7 years, I can read and comprehend mechanical drawings and blueprints, and can effectively meet departmental goals in a profound manner.

If your organization is in need of a hands-on production manager, with consummate skills in handling production procedures, and providing oversight to processes, you need to look no further. I will contact you soon to provide you with a wider view of my skills and qualifications, as they apply to this role. In the meantime, I can be contacted at (000) 859-6525.




Armand Cole

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