Farm Manager Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: March 5, 2020
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A farm manager is the most important document of your job application set.

It requires great care and time in order to get an interview.

That said, it can only be effective if the information in it is what the hiring manager wants to see.

Particularly, your experience in overseeing the work of farm hands, and crop management should be highlighted.

You should write your resume focusing on your skills and abilities, and your past experience and accomplishments.

As a farm manager, you should focus on writing a resume that emphasizes your experience in managing the operations of a busy farm. Particularly, you must emphasize the skills that you have acquired as a farm manager.

Farm Manager Resume Sample

Harrold Evans
600 7th Avenue, Street 23, Keene, NH 61375
(000) 231-3363

Organized and resourceful Farm Manager with over 8 years of success in increasing produce revenue, and decreasing wastage. Highly skilled in analyzing existing operations, and recommending improvements. Unmatched ability to collaborate with farm owners in order to prepare budgets and financial reports.

Financial Planning | Maintenance
Staff Hiring | Health Monitoring
Activities Planning | Auction Organization
Pest Control | Environment Protection
Budget Setting | Machine Operations

• Improved farm operations by 50% by successfully implementing a functional operations system
• Reduced produce wastage by training farm hands in proper picking techniques
• Successfully ran 3 farms, amassing great profits during the years 2013 and 2019


Farm Manager
The O’ Keely Farm, Keene, NH | 2015-present

• Analyze existing farm conditions, and prepare recommendations
• Prepare plans and schedules for planting and harvesting
• Train staff members to understand expectations
• Ensure that seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides are used and stocked regularly
• Schedule repairs and maintenance on farm equipment and machines
• Oversee the marketing and sales of farm produce
• Ensure that all staff members adhere to health and safety regulations
• Assist in recruiting and training new staff members
• Create and maintain relationships with suppliers and vendors
• Monitor animal and crop health, and acquire professional services as needed
• Make sure that produce and other farm products are ready for deadlines
• Create and maintain farm financial records

Farm Hand
Kent Farm, Keene, NH | 2012-2015

• Worked with cattle to include daily care, including watering and feeding
• Sorted farm animals according to their types and uses
• Planted seeds in accordance with provided instructions
• Performed irrigation and watering tasks
• Assisted in the vaccination of farm animals

High School Diploma
Keene High School, Keene, NH – 2011

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