If you want to become an elderly care worker, you will need to have a caring nature and an understanding of how it must feel to be old when you are unable to do things by yourself. This is the beginning. Then you must be able to handle the elderly person’s day to day needs.

Elderly people sometimes have trouble moving around. Sometimes it’s just things like not being able to shower properly or go to the market, but it can also be not being able to move at all. In this case you’ll have to make sure that you turn the elderly person over at regular intervals.

Sometimes, old people will try to make do with a biscuit and a cup of tea instead of a proper meal, and you as a caregiver must be on the lookout for this. They must have balanced, nutritional meals if they are to stay healthy. You will have to have caregiver training which will include a short medical course.

In order to make your resume for this position, you need a good career objective. Below are some samples for your assistance. Choose one which best suits the employer’s requirements.


Elderly Care Resume Objective Examples


• Seeking a position as an Elderly Caregiver around New York Downtown area. Offering extensive elderly care and companionship skills to enrich clients live the highest possible level of independent living.

• Looking for a Caregiver position at the Government’s Social Workers Program utilizing my considerate nature, caregiving experience and sympathy to benefit the elderly.

• A Caregiver position with the Comfort Keepers where I can use my skills in nutritional planning and medical certification to help elderly residents.

• Looking for a position of Elderly Caregiver at the National Family Caregiver Program where I can help elderly residents utilizing my caregiver experience and kind nature.

• A position of In-Home Elderly Caregiver at a private household making the most of my caregiver experience and corresponding compassion to assist elderly residents live a dignified life.