Top 25 Objectives for Elderly Care Resume

Updated on: February 16, 2023
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An objective statement introduces your resume to a hiring manager. The main purpose of writing an objective is to help the employer understand what follows in the rest of the resume.

Usually, the objective states the position that you are applying for, along with information on what you have to offer to the company or the employer.

As resume objectives have evolved over the years, their main purpose is to sell the candidates’ skills to the employer.

How to Write an Elderly or Senior Caregiver Career Objective Statement?

One of the most important things to show in the resume objective for an elderly caregiver position is compassion. The use of words to highlight your ability to handle elderly patients is extremely important.

When writing the objective, focus on what you have to offer – your ability to understand geriatric diseases such as dementia can be mentioned in your elderly caregiver resume objective.

Also, it is imperative to emphasize your inner desire to create a comfortable environment for older adults. 

Here are 25 objective examples to guide you further:

25 Elderly Caregiver Resume Objective Examples

Experienced Elderly and Senior Caregiver Objectives

1. Compassionate Elderly Caregiver with 10+ years of experience in assisting clients with personal care, and monitoring medication. Eager to ensure clients’ well-being and safety at Tenor Elderly Care by assisting them in their activities of daily living.

2. To work as an Elderly Caregiver at Visiting Angels. Energetic to leverage my 5 years of experience in providing geriatric care and delivering excellent companionship to patients while ensuring their safety and well-being.

3. Seeking a Senior Caregiver position at Cornerstone Caregiving. Poised to use my 7 years of solid background and training in elderly care to ensure the constant and consistent comfort of clients.

4. Passionate to obtain employment as a Caregiver at M&H Senior Care and meet its geriatric care goals. Completely focused on patient care, dementia-related diseases, and their management.

5. Dedicated individual, with an inherent interest to work as a Senior Caregiver at Sava Senior Care. Enthusiastic to apply my compassion to provide personal care in a compassionate manner.

6. To obtain employment as an Elderly Caregiver at ABC Company where my passion for patients’ well-being and comfort will be used in a dynamic work environment. Enthusiastic to contribute to the patient’s well-being, as well as the employer’s success.

7. To promote standards of care at Franklin Care in the role of senior care assistant by leveraging 9+ years of experience in the caregiving field. Ability to ensure clients’ comfort and wellness through focused care.

8. A position as a direct care worker at 24/7 Geriatric Care where my compassion and inherent love for older adults would be used to provide constant companionship and care.

9. To provide prompt, and exceptional elderly care to patients in the role of Caregiver at XYZ Company. Strong people skills, along with inherent empathy, and compassion. Eager to help the facility meet its patient care goals successfully.

10. Fully energized personal caregiver with over 12 years of experience, looking for employment at Trent Care. Passionate to contribute significantly by using my elderly care skills to maximize patients’ comfort, wellness, and health.

11. Experienced Senior Caregiver with a solid track record of providing direct care to older adults. Poised to leverage my personal care abilities and compassionate nature to help elderly patients meet their wellness goals.

12. Highly successful Caregiver with 5 years of experience in working with seniors to help them live comfortably and safely. Seeking employment at Value Wellness where I could use my skills in assisting older adults in the activities of daily living. CNA and BLS Certified.

13. Results-driven caregiver with 5+ years of experience in patient care service on a one-on-one basis. Eager to offer dementia care skills to keep them healthy and motivated at all times.

14. Efficient, compassionate, and empathetic personal care assistant (PCA), with 8 years of experience working in the geriatric ward of highly-inflow hospitals. Aspiring to utilize my compassion, time management skills, and detail orientation to help ABC Company meet its patient care goals in a profound manner.

15. Detail-oriented Elderly Caregiver, poised to work for elderly patients at ABC Care Facility where I will be able to exercise patience and compassion to help elderly patients remain comfortable.

16. Interested in working as a Senior Caregiver for Encompass Care. Employing compassion and love for older adults to help them remain calm, safe, comfortable, and healthy.

17. Hardworking and compassionate person, looking for a Senior Caregiver position at St. James’ Church Hospital. Fully energized to utilize my skills in looking after the emotional and physical needs of elderly clients to help the facility meet its geriatric patient management goals effectively.

18. Passionate Elderly Caregiver with over 7 years of solid track record of providing one on one care to older adults. Hoping to secure a position at Vital Health Services to provide day-to-day care to the elderly, while maintaining their dignity and self-worth.

19. Seeking an Elderly Caregiver position at Checkpoint East, where I will be able to use my experience in providing direct care to elderly patients assigned to me, in order to help them lead meaningful lives.

20. Highly motivated individual, with over 15 years of caregiving experience, looking for a Caregiver position at West Side Hospital. Hoping to leverage gained experience in patient care to help elderly patients lead dignified and comfortable lives.

Entry-Level Elderly Caregiver Resume Objectives With No Experience

21. Seeking a position as an Elderly Caregiver around New York Downtown area. Offering a thorough understanding of elderly care and companionship to help clients live the highest possible level of independent living.

22. Looking for a Senior Caregiver position at ABC Company, utilizing my kind nature, caregiving experience, and sympathy to provide excellent care to older adults.

23. A Caregiver position with the Comfort Keepers where I can use my skills in nutritional planning and medical certification to help elderly residents.

24. Looking for a position as an Elderly Caregiver at the National Family Caregiver Program where I can help elderly residents utilizing my caregiving knowledge and compassionate nature.

25. A position of In-Home Elderly Caregiver at a private household making the most of my caregiving skills and compassion to assist elderly residents to live a dignified life.

Importance of a Resume Objective Statement

A resume objective is important for many reasons. Since it graces the beginning of your resume, it makes a positive first impression on the hiring manager.

In addition, it is imperative to write one because by reading one, the hiring manager usually makes the important decision of hiring you, or not.

A short, targeted resume objective is crucial to the success of your most important job application document.

Essentially, the senior care resume objective contains information that can significantly increase your value to prospective employers.

Moreover, it helps in complementing your skills and abilities and highlighting your best professional side to a potential employer.


The most important thing to remember when writing an elderly care resume objective is to make sure that it connects well with the hiring manager’s requirements.

In the samples given above, it is clearly mentioned that the candidate is looking for a position to provide a service that the hiring manager needs.

By looking through such a resume objective, the hiring manager is sure to be impressed, and will definitely give the candidate a chance to meet him.

Conclusively, the resume objective serves to make a positive first impression on the person reading it – aka, the hiring authority.

Therefore, it is imperative to give a lot of time to writing a resume objective, as this will decide whether the candidate will reach the next step or not.