Loss Prevention Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 25, 2022

The fact that cover letters are the most widely read job application documents is not lost on anyone.

Whether a hiring manager will go through your resume in detail or not – he or she is sure to read through the cover letter, that is, if it is an interesting enough read.

Cover letters for loss prevention manager resumes should have a certain quality to them.

A cover letter that lacks focus and relevance is always a failure. One that shows a hiring manager the true qualities of a candidate makes it worth his or her time.

Make sure that your cover letter is written along these lines. Since we have already outlined that focus and relevance are the key elements of a good cover letter, let’s build up on these a little.

A loss prevention manager cover letter must be focused on the employer’s needs, with all the relevant information about your skills that you can provide.

A little like this:

Loss Prevention Manager Cover Letter Example

Kayla Manning
857 Queens Street
Nashville, TN 52493
(000) 745-7545

March 25, 2022

Mr. Oliver Bond
Human Resource Manager
23 Oakley Avenue
Nashville, TN 32581

Dear Mr. Bond:

Preventing loss within a retail environment is my forte – and I have used my skills and abilities in loss prevention to devise strategies that ensure that loss is kept at a minimum – and eradicated completely in some areas. Putting my competencies in this regard on the table, I would like to offer my services as a loss prevention manager at Amazon.

Over the past 7 years, I have been leading the effort to efficiently and effectively provide security services and asset protection in designated fulfillment areas. My expertise is not limited to small items – I have been actively strategizing loss prevention plans to ensure that lives, equipment, inventory, data, and intellectual property remain safe from all ends.

Identifying, promoting, and implementing security best practices is my niche – and I have served as my assigned department’s security subject matter expert in many instances that required intense intervention. With my ability to effectively investigate reports of asset losses, injuries, and harassment to determine proper facts and execute appropriate disciplinary actions, I am positive that hiring me will not be a poor decision on your part.

If you want to hire someone who is able to exercise strong judgment and manage her priorities well, then I am your person. To elaborate on this, I will contact you over the telephone soon, so that a mutually convenient interview time can be arranged. Until then, please feel free to call me at (000) 745-7545.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kayla Manning

Attachment: (Resume)