Customer Service Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2019

There are many ways to impress it upon the hiring manager that you are the best person to hire as a customer service manager – through the resume.

As a matter of fact, a Customer Service Manager resume will give you several opportunities to highlight that you are the best person to hire.


Since there are many sections in a resume, you have the good luck to fill them all up with good information.

For instance, the experience section of your Customer Service Manager resume can highlight how much work you have done as a customer service manager, and the skills section can show how well-versed you are in the work.

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Customer Service Manager Resume Sample


Simone Peelings
7800 Red Street, Rogers, AR 22343
(000) 999-9999


Experienced customer service manager, with 8+ years of solid track record in delivering a comprehensive service to customers. Demonstrated ability to manage a large influx of customers. Highly skilled in managing customer service teams in order to ensure high-end service delivery.


• Operations Supervision
• Satisfaction Goals Development
• Loyalty Programs Implementation
• Customer Liaison
• Team Development, Recruitment and Training
• Compensation Issues Handling
• Complaint Management

• Successfully implemented a customer loyalty program, as a result, retained 25% customer base
• Introduced a series of training metrics, hence, decreased induction issues by 50%
• Devised a unique complaint management system, considered 75% more efficient than the one already in place
• Singlehandedly managed a large customer inflow, in the absence of 3 customer service representatives


Customer Service Manager
Taylor Communications, Rogers, AR | 2016-present

• Develop customer service teams in order to ensure delivery of excellent services to customers
• Oversee service delivery, to ensure that all procedures are being followed
• Investigate and resolve issues such as complaints
• Issue refunds and compensations to customers where valid
• Build excellent relationships with existing customers, and potential ones
• Perform lead building tasks in order to broaden customer base
• Forecast requirements so as to meet financial objectives
• Determine customer service requirements through solid customer contact
• Interview, hire, and train new employees, and ensure that current employees’ training needs are met
• Improve customer service quality by obtaining customers’ opinions and feedback

Customer Service Representative
OCT Solutions, Rogers, AR | 2011-2016

• Greeted customers as they arrived at the office and inquired into their issues
• Provided solutions to problems such as broken-down systems or inability to log in
• Showed customers new ranges of products, and informed them about associated services
• Assisted customers in making informed decisions in accordance with their requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Business
Rogers Business School, Rogers, AR – 2009

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