Coffee Shop Managers play an integral role in providing customers with satisfaction where cafes are concerned. They are responsible for managing and coordinating the staff’s efforts in order to maintain a coffee shop efficiently.

If you are thinking to write/update your resume for café or a coffee shop management, you need to address three questions:

• What are your main strengths?
• Do you have any job relevant accomplishments?
• Is this information is sufficient and will be all the employer needs to know about you.

Considering the above points you may build an effective cover letter for a coffee shop manager.

Coffee Shop Manager Resume Sample


Archie Andrews

2105 Hawkins | New Castle, VA 44342 | (009) 901-9879, Email

OBJECTIVE: Looking for a position as a Coffee Shop Manager at Java Coffee Shop utilizing my natural ability to lead personnel and skills in managing a hospitality setting

• Over six years of experience working as a Coffee Shop Manager for Latte
• Highly skilled in providing supervision and support to coffee shop staff
• In depth knowledge of ensuring a professional level of customer services
• Hands on experience in food management and ensuring a healthy and safe environment
• Proficient in undertaking financial functions in order to ensure that the coffee shop is self sustaining

• Ability to manage multiple priorities
• Strong leadership and motivational skills
• Self directed
• Excellent customer services skills
• Exceptional communication skills

• Collaborated efforts with all branches of Latte to ensure uniformity of services provides
• Increased customer satisfaction by 33% by introducing new deals of meal providing training support to staff


Coffee Shop Manager | Latter – New Castle, VA | August 2006 – Present

• Ensure delivery of budgeted sales and sustained growth
• Champion customer service standards
• Optimize stock availability
• Manage, motivate and develop staff skills
• Recruit an effective customer services and kitchen team
• Ensure health and safety requirements are met
• Provide regular briefings to staff
• Assign staff shifts
• Supervise cooking and serving activities

High School Diploma- 2005